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Oh cool, that makes sense. Do you have a dev blog? I'm curious how you trained it on movie scripts since it's a neural net and not something like GPT-3.
Either way, this is a really cool experience! Thanks for making this!

Where does the Neural Net AI come into play? What does the guide learn?

Salut, merci beaucoup pour l'explication détaillée du code! C'est très utile! Avez-vous un compte du GitHub? J'aimerais voir le code, si possible. (Je suis désolé pour mon pauvre Français.)

Fantastic surprise to come back to after the holidays. Many thanks!

Is there any chance a future version will allow us to copy a link to a specific region to save and restore later? I absolutely love how useful this generator is especially now that dungeons and cities/villages are connected, and am hoping I can save a specific seed for use in an on-going tabletop campaign.

Thank you!!

Any chance you could add the preset from the last image here? It's quite unique.

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Just learned you can also zoom out MFCG maps to Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. Amazing! Now if only these region maps correlated better with Azgaar's overworld, though I suppose you could edit it.

Though how amazing would it be if you could go back-and-forth between PS and an Azgaar map cell, zoom in to / out from MFCGs, VGs, & 1PDGs, and all of it linked up nicely?

Oh man and then if there's ever integration with Eigengrau's Generator...
mind blown
You'd have the ultimate TTRPG map generator.