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This is a great game - my only critique would be that after failing the chase scene having to go from the mirror all the way back to the phone and go through all the unstoppable dialogue is a bit of a drag. There was also no indicator of where to go during the chase scene - I only figured it out based on someone else's video of it in the comments but for the first few runs I just kept making circles around. Otherwise, the game was really well put together, the characters and graphics were super cute and appealing. Definitely a great game!

I've been relooking for this game for so long - finally found it! :)

I completed everything - garbage, torches, chopped old trees, planted new trees. Is there a completion screen or does it just keep looping?

Awe this was sweet, please continue it

Really cute, excited to see more:)

No, no. That's a good thing! 

Okay, the ending lowkey made me jump.

Thank you! :)

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Cool idea, but similarly to @Haldarys, I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong.


The answers I put were:

Yellow:21:00, hospital, bomb

Green: 23:00, bar, hammer

Pink/Red: 00:00, beach, knife

Blue: 22:00, airport, sword

It kept saying to check my answers though, but it all seemed to line up. Am I missing something? I tried making all the ones that I did not think were correct blank and I also tried all red in addition to the ones I thought were correct as green.

Please let me know if you do this!

dear aaaaaa, 

you "dog very happ y :)" was really cute and well drawn. thank you.


Is there only one ending? I see the previous comment asked about a third, but I don't see anyway for there to be a second? I got the ending where Lucille arrested Cricket. 

Also agree that the text is extremely difficult to read, would like to play it and will save it in my play later collection, but it is too difficult to read. Hopefully with an update if possible where the font could be changed I'd be able to play in the future. 

Please finish this and make it longer - it's so, so good!

Okay, I finally figured it out after watching a walkthrough. It was confusing/difficult because it was not clear that you had to shoot a specific spot of the mine to enter, but other than that good game! :)

Hm, I'll try again! I actually just remembered I could not access the house with the red lights behind the church. 

This was so good!

Is this game incomplete? I have gotten to "eradicate demon" part and have visited all the areas that I could. The last area I got into was the one with the boarded up mines.

I'm curious as well. I completed the game, but I have no idea what the frog pencil was for? I'm assuming it may just be because you lose the pencil that was inside your locker so it's like an upgraded pencil, but not sure.

Please fix the glitch with Sarah! :( I was so close to completing this game. 

Awe I loved this so cute and funny

I solely made an account to donate and to comment on this... WOW! I loved this so much - I tried playing through it so many times because I kept getting a bad end. After maybe my 20th play-through I gave up and went to the walk-through lol. I knew the whole time what was up, but I needed to know the true end regardless. This was so engaging - well done.