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Definitely on the right track! Improvements for sure, the FPS is still choppy when outdoors (seems to be fine when going into the rum hut in the starter area) but a lot more playable now, doesnt outright affect gameplay but i thought it was worth mentioning, there's still a big fps drop at the start when you're getting hints.

Good to know! I've tried it on my partner's system as well (slightly higher specs, GTX 1080 and AMD 8350, same OS, 16gb RAM) and the same situation occurs there too, let me know if you find anything, looking forward to experience this in its fullest! Thanks for your hard work on this!

OpenGL and WebGL seem to be up to date as far as I can tell.

Just tried in Free Play and weirdly it runs rather smooth, occasional frame skips but vastly improved performance.

Sure my specs are:

CPU: AMD 8320 8 Core 3.5ghz

GPU: GTX 1060 (6GB)


OS: Windows 10

At the title screen and during the intro cutscene it runs at what looks like 60FPS all fine, but the moment I get control of Red (and during the explaination of houses ect) it runs at around 5 FPS consistently, lowering the resolution results in the same thing. Also thanks for the quick response!

Mutiny Island community · Created a new topic Low FPS

This game seems neat but on my rig it's running at about 5FPS, and my machine is no slouch either, are there any settings to adjust besides resolution? Are there any known issues that can cause performance loss like this?