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ok, if you've installed another game on Steam, copy its you find in Plugins folder  in the same folder of the game.Now it works.


I play Headliner on an old Linux laptop, after enjoyed "Novinews" on my pc.

I was wandering if it's possible to modify the configuration elements of the game to suit them to the poor power of my laptop.

Thanks in advance!

Is it available the Linux version?

Emberlight community · Created a new topic Linux?

Hi, is there any hope to see a Linux version of your Emberlight?
Thanks in advance for your answer!

Could you think about bonding in the packet the italian translation?
I know it is in the Steam version, but it's not included here.
Thanks in advance!

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Grazie, ci terrei a vederlo disponibile per Linux, ovviamente compatibilmente con i vostri tempi.
Ho provato a farlo girare con wine, ma purtroppo niente da fare.
Nel caso consideratemi come beta-tester!

Dry Drowning community · Created a new topic Linux

Qualche speranza di poterlo vedere in Linux?

Thanks a lot.
The game is pretty simple, but very immersive.
Wonderful drawings!



Football Drama community · Created a new topic Manual?

I'm going to play Football Drama, but i can't undestand all the variables in the game.
Is it available a manual?

Is it available here the Linux version?


Linux 86_64 kernel 5.6.14 8GB memory Chip Intel i7 Ati Sapphire Radeon RX550 2GB.
Game Stucked on the intro screen, unplayable.