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Emberlight community · Created a new topic Linux?

Hi, is there any hope to see a Linux version of your Emberlight?
Thanks in advance for your answer!

Could you think about bonding in the packet the italian translation?
I know it is in the Steam version, but it's not included here.
Thanks in advance!

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Grazie, ci terrei a vederlo disponibile per Linux, ovviamente compatibilmente con i vostri tempi.
Ho provato a farlo girare con wine, ma purtroppo niente da fare.
Nel caso consideratemi come beta-tester!

Dry Drowning community · Created a new topic Linux

Qualche speranza di poterlo vedere in Linux?

Thanks a lot.
The game is pretty simple, but very immersive.
Wonderful drawings!



Football Drama community · Created a new topic Manual?

I'm going to play Football Drama, but i can't undestand all the variables in the game.
Is it available a manual?

Is it available here the Linux version?


Linux 86_64 kernel 5.6.14 8GB memory Chip Intel i7 Ati Sapphire Radeon RX550 2GB.
Game Stucked on the intro screen, unplayable.