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I'm glad I could help!

Hey, about the bug: I'm assuming you have the camera moving at a set speed, which causes the desynchronization between the character and the camera. If this is the case, all  you have to do is, instead of moving the camera based on a speed, move it on LateUpdate every frame, so that the character is always on a specific viewport position in X. Sample code to illustrate what I'm saying:

If you set the character's viewport position to 0.1 in X, for example, it should fix your bug without any more hassle.

Loved your take on this game, 5/5.

Damn good for a first game, looking forward to your next one!

Loved it.


Aaaalmost dodged it.

Extra points for teaching people how to make it.

Hardest yet!

"Please don't let it consume your life." Too late! Bzzzt bzzt bzzzzt.

Ok, I stated on my submission (Tap the Pipe) that it was Flappy Bird in reverse. I was wrong, this is the true opposite Flappy Bird. You win! :D

Can't concentrate while playing this, I keep making eye contact.

Good stuff.

Oculus support is a damn nice touch. 5/5

Wuuut! I did not expect to see a sokoban take on Flappy Bird, that's genious. Love this thing, 5/5.

I hadn't noticed the tower was random until I saw the comments, went back and tried it again.. and yeah, impressive. There's obviously a lot of work done here, good job!

Love the visuals, love the sound, one of my favourites for sure.

I like both the idea and the name.

Oh my glob it's Another World. Definitely my favourite entry so far!

I like the artwork, simple and consistent.

"Too hard? Try the Harvard version"... Heh.

Loved the humour on the intro.

Loved it.