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A great suspenseful game. Really enjoyed it :D

a great little puzzle game. well done

And also i was very suprised when i touched a table it yelled at me. i love games with random bullshit like that.

This is a great consept with great graphics and great humor. Looking forward to new demos and the full release. :

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Holy shit, this is probably one of the best rougelikes ive ever played. The game didnt have much, but the little it did have was great. Personally i didnt experience any bugs in the, well lets just say alot, of runs i had. It had snappy and responsive controls and everytime i fucked up it was my fault and not the games. (which is always a great thing in any game) Even with the coffee and like every other +firing speed item i still fucked up alot. (until i wasnt being an idiot and finally killed the boss) This game is great and needs more attention. Hope to see a full realese, or new game by you guys :) (if this review seemed all over the place, im sorry im not very good at being professional lol)