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That's understandable, but there is no download on Steam yet, so not sure how that would help me save. I think I'll take a break from the game after this last update though. It feels like way more of a struggle now, and less fun as a result. It could very well just be RNG, but I if it is, I'm having terrible luck today. Feels like I'm underequipped every attempt, regardless of loadout. Do the enemies do more damage now? I used to be able to dance my way to floor 10, with plenty of variety in equipment available, but now it's a trudge full of wooden swords. A happy medium would be nice. Still a solid game though, just not sure I'd have played as much if it had been this hard the first time I played. 

It doesn't save my progress since the update. Saved last night before turning my pc off, but no option to continue today and I had to turn the music off again. Never had trouble with it before. Disappointing, but hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Does this actually have a virus or something? Or does windows just not like it? Not saying it isn't possible, but there are a lot of games on itch that windows is quick to point the finger at and say it can damage things.

Here's our first attempt! Awesome start, and it looks great. I'm looking forward to diving in further when I get a chance!

I cannot put in to words just how much I love this game. It is a truly unique experience that, at the risk of sounding corny, I will never forget. Thank you for this.

This game got me good. Well done!

Holy cats is this cool. Definitely going back to finish this one!

Exactly the kind of game I was hoping for! Just awesome!

I absolutely love this game!