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 For example: for metal Drums I can Route every Signal seperately to the mixer. kind of like in Kontakt. It's alot easier this way to blend in different punches or tails  without using another instance of nimble.  And one important thing, you could control the Mix better by just sidechaining the tail or doing other creative Stuff.  I'm sorry If this topic was already suggested.  I only found the one to pitch the punch which was kind of similiar.  But in this case I really want to Outsource the output Signal to two different Channel.  

And is there and way to introduce pitch slides? Like legato but more fine tunable. I love the way Fl studio uses slide notes.  Maybe using those? (if possible)

Is there also a possability to get another pitchfunction? Like to get that 'now old'ish' "boing-pitch effect" (for example in frequencerz-burning) 

Like the pitching-scale from yhimself's earlier Tutorials. 

If there is an easier way to get this result, please let me know. Pitching the Kicks back then with the scale technique  was a pain in the ass but still had the best results for me

Thank you in advance :)