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lol yep i think its somekind of bug, maybe its only for me or something

So i really dont know what im doing wrong, because the fries arent appearing, i basically followed the video and not getting the same results, am i doing something wrong?

Fun little game! enjoyed it 

 its the other half of the video

really wasn't expecting the foot, this game was in the first half of my video feel free to check it out!

Thanks for the awesome game, bit challenging for me XD but fun nonetheless!

Very interesting game, very weird as well, but i enjoyed it nonetheless, sorry if i messed up the thumbnail i might've made it when i was half asleep

 Very good game man enjoyed it, i couldnt  complete it though XDD

glad you enjoyed it

aww yea new game by Dave cant wait to play when i have the time

 thanks again for letting me make a video off this

nice little game here! 

lol i thought there was a different ending actually so i kinda explored a bit XD

Another great game made by dave microwave! 

great job man i always enjoy ur games

looks really interesting, mind if i make a video off this game? if not thats fine

I was actually so excited by this game i decided to actually release it early instead of 7/18/18

so it should be up now 

and i gotta say......very clever with the phone calls, i almost didnt realize something wierd with the ending of the phone calls

just finished recording,edit, and uploading the video. i do have a schedule(uploading a video every two days)  when i upload my videos so on 7/18/18 the video i played on this game will come out then, if thats ok with you, then i will post it here, but geezum dude this game is REALLY GOOD no joke, to sum it up its super scary because of the jumpscares, intense especially in the fourth night (of course), i dont think i ever focused so hard in a game like this. great job again and i am looking forward to try and play games you currently have/ make in the future 

thanks again for letting me record your game

if anything it gave me a good pose for my video thumbnail  without the hassle of trying to get one of the karen that chases after you ;P

ah lol i was wondering what that was lel

I like the concept of this game! mind if i record a video on it?

Hello there! i hope you dont mind but i made a video on your game! i gotta say that i scared my socks off in this one, and the flipping finger thing was a funny factor of this game! and my bad i mmmiiggghhtttvvee accidentally stumbled upon that hidden room wayy too early in my video XD what luck amirite? 

God this was a scare trip for me, a great game considering that it took 4 days to make!

(1 edit)

Thanks again for letting me do this!

I really really REALLY got a scare from this game! 

check it out  

Legit! thank you i will put a link here for when i make the video

Hey dude i kinda like the concept of this game, is it ok if i do a recording on this video?