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Got to drive a bus full of people into the abyss. 10/10

I loved this! Such fun gameplay and the controls felt really good. It also helps that music absolutely slaps! 10/10!!

I loved this! Such fun gameplay and the controls felt really good. It also helps that music absolutely slaps! 10/10!!

I really like the perspective of this game, looking up at the human from the arcade machine immediately made me think of Wreck it Ralph. As far as a rhythm game goes, this one is playable but it's missing parts to make it great. One thing, as noted in Phive's comment, is some the feedback when hitting the buttons. The lights are alright but there were some moments where I wasn't sure if I was hitting anything at all. Overall though I think you have a good concept here and I'd love to see it developed further!

I really love the models and the view of the city, although I did expect to be able to move around like a bird, but it was really really slow. I think it would be cool if there was a way to see this city at different times of the day and see some cars or people moving.

Miles! I really really love this! Did you use Renpy for this? It looks way too good to be Unity. I really liked the music(Danganronpa)! I love the dialogue, it's really fun and enjoyable and I love the 4th wall breaks. Overall I really liked this and I look forward to seeing more of your games!

No joke, this is so chill and I'm saving to my favorites. I really like how this game makes me feel. I feel like I'm hanging out with my friends on a Sunday just listening to some music and thinking about life. Great stuff Santi.

I really like the vibe with this one, it's weird but engaging. I think it's neat how you can poke most of the eyeballs, but like TR said before I do wish those last 2 were able to be interacted with. The background is really nice and hypnotic, and the stylized text is really fun. My one critique would be that i find it odd that you have to click the small box for the dialogue to proceed and that it'll just speed through if you hold it. I feel like I'm missing something on accident.

Euris! I really like this a lot! This little gamer boy is very unsettling to look at and I think you did a great job with the animation. As far as the game itself, it took me a little while to understand exactly what i was supposed to be doing but after the first game, I understood. I think if you put a little description just to tell exactly what the player is supposed to do it'll help. I like how forgiving the management can be, as it can looking daunting to manage all the activity, but it works really well. The jukebox option is nice too, and I think my little gamer guy has some interesting taste in music.

Nate, I love seeing your games and what you come up with, they're always awesome. The AI for this is really well done, I think Terry moves really well and it seems like he always know when it's time for him to eat and refill on water. The music is really relaxing as well, it sets a nice mood and atmosphere. The only suggestion I really have is I would like to be able to move the camera around at fixed positions just to see the cage from different angles, and maybe a little ball or something for Terry to play with. Other than that, this is really solid.

I love the idea behind this game. Owning a pet rock is something everyone should get to experience at least once, and this game captures that perfectly. I love the steady decline in interest as you click on the actions, I feel for the player character. The items all look very nice, and I love how the burgers stack up on each other over until they tumble over. If i had any suggestions, i would like the option to name the rock, or dress it up somehow. You haven't seen anything until you've seen a rock with a mohawk.

I really, really, really like this a lot. I love the use of a 3D picture as the background,  the controls feel tight and responsive, and the bug models creep me out! (Totally a positive!) As far as what could be improved,  sound is a big one, as well as some sort of score or tracker to indicate how many bugs have been eaten or how many are left. Another thing and this might just be me, but i noticed sometimes I would charge and release the tongue and it wouldn't register the hit even though i srr it connect. Other than that, really fun!

I love the aesthetics and the feel of movement. It's a very chill walking sim that I'd love to see further expanded on. The fox model looks great and the animation loop is really well done. I really like the camera perspective as well, it gives me Goose Game like vibes.

I really loved this! Who doesn't kiss the homies goodnight? I think the gameplay is really well set up and I liked the way you have to kiss before you get kissed. The screen orientation as well didn't really affect my enjoyment and i think this would be great on mobile. My only minor complaint is maybe the bloom effect on the hearts after a kiss happens should be a little bit faster, as i want to keep playing as soon as possible.

10/10, would vibe again. I really like the color palette here, it's very soothing and cool. The visual feedback from hitting the drum is very satisfying and i could easily see myself playing this often and for probably more time than necessary. If i could make any suggestions, it'd be maybe having an option to select another track or instrument to play.

I'm sensing a love/hate relationship with a particular coffee chain here...

That aside though, this game is really chill. The pixel art is really nicely done for the guy, and perfectly captures the expression of someone working in the service industry! I think something you could do to make it a little more interesting would be to speed the cups movement up a bit after a few seconds, really get that breakfast/lunch rush vibe going.

I love the art! This is a really nice relaxing game, something I think would be great to play on something like mobile! I do how the petting hand speeds up and slows down depending on how long it's held down, and how the bunny sprite changes depending on if you've gained affection. The music is cheery and upbeat and lends itself really well to this game

This game makes feel like I have unlimited power, and that's rad. I really love the design, it's simple and fits so well. Without a doubt my favorite aspect though has to be the sound design. The cuts sound perfect and even spamming the space bar and hearing the slashes overlap is really amazing. I would totally play this more

Great recreation! You really nail the look and feel of the original game. I love that all the sprites seem to be rendered in 3d but have that 2d filter over them, really giving the old 80's game look, but I love the use of the screen filter, i thought something was wrong with my machine at first but then I realized it was the game. 

Right off the bat, I think you do a really good job of replicating the original game's look, down to the UI and sprites. I love that you added the tank to the background, because it makes it feel more like a 1:1 clone. It feels a tad bit slower even at top speed which does hinder the experience a little but nothing that detracts from it in a major way.

Hey Ron, really good job on capturing the game's aesthetics, you got it down really well. The controls for the movement do feel just a bit too fast which made trying to hit stuff a bit harder and I do love that you include the audio inside the game. Overall though, really good!

I think you really nailed the feel and the look of the original game for the most part. The way the screen flashes when you die for instance was really nice inclusion. I did notice though that after shooting a projectile you could turn and the projectile would turn along with you even after it's a bit far out. But other than that, solid

I think you did a really good job with the speed controls and the turning, it's very responsive and even at top speed I felt fast without it being out of control. The use of trails when you destroy enemies is really cool and also when you shoot your blaster is pretty neat. The only thing I'd suggest as an improvement is adding some sound. Right now the visuals are the only indication of any action an auditory supplement will jsut make it feel that much better