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I can’t seem to choose the characters gender 

This is game is amazing, it was really fun and cool!

This game is awesome, I feel significantly less stressed

replayed the game and didn't have the problem, loved this game

Love this game. The van never came back after it delivered a triangle coffin and some urns

by the way I love this game

when I try to fish it says nothing to do here am I doing something wrong?

Love this game so much. Currently am having a glitch where I can't back to the base camp but other than that everything has been amazing

Very poetic, lovely art.

Have to say I love this game! My only complaint would be that there's no way to save your progress. 

okay thanks!

is there anyway to download this on a chromebook?

This is great!

I'm pressing p for the hyper racer but it won't start

wish there was a way to save your level but this is awesome

lol my overall score is -10187

I can't seem to figure out how to offer something to the alpaca gods when I try to accept it says to click some key I can't see on my keyboard (I might just be being dumb) otherwise the little I've played is really fun!


I love this game. I'm currently playing at 1 am

Really fun!

Everyone dreams of being able to travel across time and space but this game reminds you that even if that were possible there would be consequences


I thought only the government could make them... guess I was wrong

I'm stuck as one of the 3 pixel things how do I evolve?

Thanks! I thought so but thank you for the clarification!

How do I get past the pots (sorry if I'm not supposed to ask)

It doesn't seem to be working on my computer :(


Does this work on chrome and Asus?