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Thanks!! Yeah, it ended up kind of deviating a tad. We're pretty new to this, as a team, so keeping focused on our core concept is still a skill we're developing. Thanks for helping point it out though - I completely agree with you. Thanks for the feedback! it's massively helpful. A ton of those were things I wanted to work on, but due to some poor time management on my end, i talked myself out of touching up. It's helpful that someone noticed them - I'll definitely pay more attention to stuff like that next time around. Thanks for the feedback!!!

Awesome thank you so much!!! Yeah, there are some things that definitely need some tweaks. Thanks for the feedback, it's truly super helpful. Thank you :)))))

Awesome thank you so much! I mean like, sorta? Yeah I learned alot on this project, and hopefully the next one I'll have some of those issues worked out. Thanks a ton!

Thanks! We're really proud of the art was well. You're totally right, about both things. The controller was written a bit quick, I was trying some things out, and I didn't come out perfectly. And yeah, I figure that out - right before it was time to submit. It's a learning process. Thanks again!

Thanks!! Very fair - that's something I should've been more aware of. Thanks for noticing it!!! Also, hell yeah, will do right away!!!

Thanks so much! We really appreciate it! Also I totally agree with you - the controls didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them to, and they still feel a bit floaty. It's a learning process, yknow? Thanks for taking the time to play + comment!!!

Thanks a ton! Yeah, I noticed that while I was working on it. I found the problem, but we unfortunately ran out of time to really be able to fix it. Thanks a ton for the feedback, we really appreciate it!!!

Thanks a ton! We really appreciate it!!!

Thanks! I totally agree - just ran out of time, and didn't get to fully implement everything I meant to. Thanks a ton!

thanks for the advice! We're getting on that right now! We really appreciate the help

Yeah I totally agree. The artist for this game (@artbykib) is incredibly talented. Thanks for the feedback , I really appreciate it!

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Thanks!! That means a lot!

Holy shit

I think this game is truly wonderful. There's something about the atmosphere, and the vibe of the game - it reminds me dreams I had when I was a kid. I really like it!

The only real problem I had with it was with some of the UI. Especially in the battles, the players health and soul UI felt really small. Also, whenever you damage an enemy, it shows up as white text, and over the white enemies, it can be difficult to see how you did. maybe just like, outlining the text in black would make it a ton easier to see.

I really hope you keep working on this game! A little bit of polish and clean up and i could really see myself falling in love with it. 

Sick game! Really enjoyed it. For some reason it reminded me of playing my friends copy of Lego Battles on the bus in junior high. Nice!

I really dig this game! I like the like, aesthetic of it. The sound effect of the rats talking reminds me of some game but I can't remember which... Also, music is A+. Absolute bop

Thank you! That's really kind!

No sorry :/ I was struggling with learning UI and kept running into problems when I built, so i just hard-set the resolution.  If I come back to this project, that'll be the first thing I fix!

I've never played that before!! I'll have to take a look. thank you!

This is one of the coolest games I've played in a long time. Aesthetically, I got some real Hyperlight Drifter vibes! Totally dig it. I'd buy this game in a heartbeat!