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Great little game!

Heya, unfortunately the game will not load past the Nav Controls menu, and eventually the game crashed. :(

Amazing video! Thank you very much!

Haha! This is great! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Cool game John. Once again, the level design is the main strength within this game. The coloured themed rooms help the player keep track of where they are, which is an awesome touch. Well done!

Great little game! Quick, simple but does the job. Would have liked more Star Wars theme, but overall good game!

Lovely stuff! Like the changing lanes and how smoothly the game loops.

Awesome game! Meets all the requirements for Nokia jam. Jump being J is a little weird for the timing, might have a better chance at it being Space bar, but realised you're creating this for a Nokia. :)

This game is really coming to together. Still unsure of what is exactly happening within the game, maybe you could add a menu at the start which outlines the story and the mechanics of the game? Looking forward to seeing damage/threat from the enemies and the timer working in-game. Nice one!

This is cool! Getting massive Zelda: Wind Waker vibes from it. Really cool aesthetic look to it and love the trail the boat leave behind when it's moving. Really interested to see the main fishing mechanic in play as well as how you catch the fish. Good start folks!

Nice! The classics never get boring, especially zombies! The fonts weren't embedded, so some of the font was a bit everywhere, but no big issues. Great mechanics and enjoyed the story!

Theme - 3/5

Aesthetic - 3/5

Comedy - 2/5

Gameplay - 5/5

Amazing stuff! Super impressed you got all this out of PowerPoint. Had no real issues playing the game and love the premise.

Theme - 4/5

Aesthetic - 5/5

Comedy - 1/5

Story - 4/5

Theme blends together well and the parallel idea works great with Sci-fi and the unknown. Character art is great with some brilliant low lighting! Well done!