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A member registered May 03, 2022

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Hey dimas-galdino can you put English option in your game please because i'm a English type of a guy not Spanish person

dominoclub what the actual fuck did i just play

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Hey toxikos what do I do with .sb3 for android can you explain it to me in English

Ashbarton why Gunner have Garfield Voice

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Best game ever ChaniMK i enjoy playing your Hexed Pet Adventure

bun-tired could at least put save option in your sheep wolf clothes rpg maker game

Kittyeden this was a saddest rpg maker game i ever play it almost makes me cry it almost did

KV Kingdom that was fun short rpg maker ever i enjoy it😁

What do i do with the .zip folder for Android redstar

is there more to this Shadowvz96

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Sisser I can't see your The Nisse Hole game it's all black screen

SnowBat awesome Job on this game I love your Among US game

Hey Tezz124 is this game of yours multiplayer online

Hey Noah when are you going release full game of Super Mario and Lost Star

DicPic Studio you might wanna see this screen shot i took 

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Touji how do I select a character on your snow demo game I'm on Tablet by the way

i feel bad for you landosilva for you lost the sorce code of your pokemon battle game

try it on Android

so brushie i wanna ask about this game of yours fooddiary when did you come up with this Yume Nikki fan game

Hi Twilight Sparkle your my Favorite Pony ever and i'm such a Brony Fan love your show anyways love you Twilight Sparkle 

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so maxlefou have you use your pony points app before because i just wondering if you did use it before oh and by the way are you a Brony Fan like i'm

Hey Captain Dreamcast is there way i can play this on Reicast emulator it's a Dreamcast Emulator

Darling Probably not it is on Google Play

i do but how do i play what are controlled 

Feverdev the mobile controlled are weird can u fix it please

i hope Markiplier will play this game

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Why you made this stupid game why

Vinny From Vinesauce is playing this game right now Flan

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PIPED_DR3AMS That I been wondering to myself

i don't have a Home Computer anymore madk2107

TanukiArt that is really well made dude

oh by the way Aaron when are you going release Easter Update on your Baby In Yellow

so your the Dark side of Original Baldi's Basics

DALK BALDI MODDER where is your other account TROLLFACECHANNEL account

DMZ Basics by the way what is that picture

yeah good question why the hell you made this dumb Friday Night Funkin Mod

Yo developer the game crash on me i'm playing browser version of your game and it crash on me please fix it Thank-You