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Hey TeamTerrible can i ask you something does your game support controller support

oh okay Thank-You for telling me that OmegaMagnus

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Hey Developer is the zip file for Android have apk game in it

Funny Username you got there Dr.Sleepy

It took me to My Singing Monsters

Sorry But I don't speak Thai lastwinter

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So wizbane are you going make this game of yours with touchscreen support in the next update in the future

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shartok take a look at this by the way shartok i'm on Chrome 

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StudioWhy your game took me back to your page i'm not happy at all 😠

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Where the game at lostloners in Android zip file there no game in the Android zip file

hey developer there no cat person game with zip file for Android

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pretty fun short rpg maker ShenTzu Games i love the graphic and gameplay by the ShenTzu Games how do i see more areas oh and i found 3 lines on the second secret door what does it mean

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Hey Patchy Illusion Team i have a  question for you about your Devil of The Mirror Game does your Game have Mario and The Music Box Vibe i Just Wanna give that question out to you Mario) The Music Box (Game) | Team Ari Mario The Music Box Wikia | Fandom

This Game Patchy Illusion Team

Anna I wanna ask you this not only you made a Super Mario Bros. rom-hack but you actually rom-hack one of my favorite classic game Thank-You that was a heartwarming thing you ever did for that I will play your rom-hack

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jiok how do i undo a .rar file on Android Tablet can you tell how i do it do i need a rar app or something

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TeamTerriable Thank-You for making Baby in Yellow for Android Mobile and Tablet

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Ericz Glory i don't think you can't download it on Mobile it only available on Steam and Windows

dchcpw what the hell did i just play

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Goburinbro i cant belive i found you in the void from glitching out from the entrance of the library

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Hey kwandrus can you add touchscreen control for your Pokémon Emerald Dewford Gym Remake game

Hey Sorry for Reply message to you OVERBOY but I wanna say congratulation for your Mobs Inc. to win in the Luda Dare dude 😎

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so Blu what this game of yours going be for your upcoming game

Very Cool Simulation Game visionplus

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Developer what are the controls tell Me i'm playing this on my Android Phone

Kathinka that was a cute adorable Short Visual Novel RPG Maker game ever I love it❤️ 

so why did you release this on Android Alex

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oh my gosh I love all your movie and your videogame Lightning McQueen

Pentron why you added Pac-Man and The Pac-Man Ghost in your Super Pentron Mario

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Patchy-illusion how do I make .rar file work on Android Tablet

umm the heck am I going play this game on Android when it's a.exe file lilycatzlaff

Hi Firey from bfdi show

Why you have Candy Animatronic fron Five Nights at Candy game

GamerWrist100 the zip file not working I can't decompress it or anything

danicreates how do I talk to the girls

toomanychoices does your texture-pack works for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The heck is .sb3 file toxikos-pvp9

zlab can this be for Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft: Pocket Edition

TROLLFACE'S CHANNEL do you have apk editor if you don't have one then where the world I can get one at

Shattered-eye-games where can I download this game at on Google play store