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A member registered Jun 12, 2022

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this game is a very long short game 

i crashed my pc

great game dont rlly have any feedback for it

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I kind of gave up trying after a while since it was so unplayable or I would have tried to go further.

Feedback: really fun game but like I said FPS problems for me around reaching 70 speed it started lagging sorry if the speed is deceiving I had around 100 speed when I took that fun game though. For the different things in shop, I wasn't really sure what they were since I just jumped right in and didn't read what they were so perhaps you could show what each stat means in game. maybe a bigger map? I was clearing the map pretty fast so maybe more people maybe add a setting for it in the start or make it so you have a chance to get a bigger map with more people, and that's all I really can say about it.

Your game is really fun Tho I would continue playing it if it wasn't for the FPS issues that's probably the biggest limiting factor currently and I've signed up to newsletter and I'd really like to see a full game for, this could see myself and others having fun. 

edit :i got alot higher highscore then that but my pc crashed and i didnt save the picture 

i think i got abit too far into the game for the fact uh.. i have 2 fps

love the purple clove in dark mode
im just starting and its fun how dark mode looks to me

the dice be making a nice sound

yh but after the first few it stopped doing much

what does prestige do

Thanks and i was just blind as i didnt see the button to

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i cant figure out how to get purple stuff despite my clicking on it or even do research please tell me how 

doesnt work

really fun game ima play it till i win/break it

wont use more then 0.8% of my 768h offline time please fix

for me atleast the movement is so hard to use

kinda boring and easy to me atleast but other then that good game

i love having 0.1 fps

goal: Break the game
pc: Please god stop this im gonna blow up if u continue

fun lil difficult game

can you add more to the game and its really fun but small and well easy 

i enjoyed this small game alot with lots of endings

i turned sound off and it still has sound but the music off works fine

116 score at first go bc im dumb and didnt click enter fast enough or there was too much but ima say it was my lack of skill

now i wonder if the girl is based off someone/yourself or completly random 

once i got infinite on everything i gave up since it really wasnt fun after that but other then that really fun

got 10 crabs then upgrade crabs and once u each 100 a sec u basiclly win bc from there u can go to earning trillions a second and yes i am doing that

i like crabs

and yet so many would say auto-clickers might be cheating

308 per click then stopped but pretty fun please add more content

11th place on leader board in first go im not gonna complain

somehot i got it stuck to its always going right no matter what

i got to -100000 i aint getting out of that 

im trying to get 10 to level 100

1 shot god lol

anymore games like this?

yey i won after buying 1000 stair cards

if i just sat my date to 100bc do i win lmao