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Congratulations with the release,  and thank you for the brave move!

Please accept my warm greetings and best wishes :-D

Is the Linux version planned as well? ;-p

Thank for the Linux support!

Looking forward! Extra+ for Linux support!

Great game, good luck at the Game Jam!

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It works on Linux! No problems! LinuxMint 19.3

Wow! Linux! :-D

Good question! It looks like we still need to wait a bit ...

Looking forward to the Linux variant.

Happy to test the next increment :-) The movement is more challenging and fun, still few comments: 1) while falling it is possible to jump twice - normally no jump or one, 2) it is possible to dash from Ground to Platform without jumping, which may be desired, but it seems not natural, 3) dash could be limited to a number of dashes or duration so user must replenish the dash skill, for example after a period of time, 4) player moves behind MovingPlatforms, but in front of the static Platform, 5) still, I am not a fan of dash from standing. For inspiration you could have a look at some old&good games like Pitfall: :-)

Just on the gameplay. The game mechanics feels ok, the gravity is maybe bit too weak. However, the dash direction is strange: I expect the dash to act on the vector of the player movement, not just the latest left/right directions. Dash makes sense on the ground while player is moving, so left/right, not standing. Dash while jumping feels weird, and if available, it should accelerate vector of the jump velocity. Anyway, dash while jumping does not have anything to do with running, is more about flying :-) Jumping while in dash makes sense, but I would expect the dash to make the jump 'bigger', not just faster along one direction.