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Use your best judgment. If your giftee is mature and seems open to it, go for it. Just remember you’re making something intended for that person to enjoy :)

super cute! i expected crabbie to be a human wearing a crabskin suit 👀

this is so sweet 💚 a nice reminder that there doesn’t need to be grand adventure or consequence. just taking care whilst the rain passes and doing what you can is enough

anything is welcome :) Sheepolution has a great free book on love2d!

Loved the little story of the description as much as the zine, congrats on hanging up that perfectionism and finishing something and enjoying the process :)

Cute game, oozing with character, loved the strong Mega Man influence. Unfortunately meant it was a bit too hard for me to reach either of the bosses (I got to one checkpoint!!) but still had a fun time ^-^

Cute idea, playing with lots of weapons is a fun concept and I liked how the different enemy type towards the end changed things up :) With the similar offense and screen layout you have to “The Art of Screenshake” i’d love to see what this looks like with some of its ideas applied ^-^:

simple but cute and charming, good job! ^-^

Extremely fun and clever game, love this lots! Especially enjoyed the sacrificial element, really makes you think those steps through! Ashamedly didn’t pick up on this until right near the end but the team names are a super nice fun and genuinely witty touch :’)

Really great tracks, the second one especially felt evocative of something that lined up well with the theme. Would love to see what this is like with a bit of a pace change! (with enemies introduced sooner, but make them less accurate :) )

Amazing! At first I liked it … and then I fell in love 🤩 on top of everything else there is to love, I like the simple control scheme a lot. Not sure if I’ll be able to beat it (even on easy >.<), died like ten times on the second boss, but will definitely be coming back to try more because everything seen so far makes me want to see what’s in store :’) So glad to have experienced this

aww thank you so much! encouraging things to grow is a really nice concept, i think this is fantastic! :)

cute game and fun ideas! i enjoyed the level of challenge being less about being super hard and more about being watching the sequence unfold :)

Hi, where were you clicking? This one is correct:

You need to join the Discord server (, click the ‘Join’ button of the #join channel and you’ll receive a DM from a Discord bot (SANTA-BOT). If you struggle from there we’ll be around in the #help channel :)

end8 happinese <3 your game isn’t terrible (and your english is good!)

Such a cute little thing :) really captures the essence of a sweet experience, even if it’s not one you had yourself. lots of charm here ^^

Interesting idea! It started as such a struggle (i think i lost at round 1 maybe ten times :’) ) but managed to make it to round 7. If you wanted to make it into a cute mobile game I think it would do well with some kind of progression mechanics to ease the player through the experience instead of one wall of mass memorisation. (start with a sparse room and objects can be persistently added to it as you get more successful maybe). Enjoyed this experience ^-^

this is an interesting take on pong! i enjoyed it :)

this is super cool, I actually laughed out loud at setting the lake on fire :) fantastic job, so well done!

Of course you can still submit! And please share without worry, nobody is here to judge or criticise. We’re friends making things together :) I love seeing people’s starting points, they always have their own charm, so I’m looking forward to yours! ^-^

wow, a whole lot of stuff going on here! it does capture that abstractness very well, i don’t think i figured much out but had a good time exploring :) fantastic job, esp. on the complexity and the layers of art!

So glad to hear it gave you a little something ^-^ Thank you for the comment!

this is so beautiful! all the combinations are magical and the stars system is such an elegant way to track progress and also provide the big reward at the end :) love it <3

🌸 Glad to have you around! I’m sure there will be some special creations to enjoy ^-^

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It’s here! We’ve got a Discord server all ready for sharing memories, analysing your favourite parts of EYEZMAZE games, and showing all of the things we’ll create across next week 💫

We’ll be launching the Discord server shortly before the jam’s start date :)

sorry to hear you didn’t get to deliver this to your giftee, they really missed out! a cute collection of minigames like this is extra special and i had a wonderful time experiencing nostalgia-with-a-twist :)

the first gif i saw of this in the showcase channel, i laughed out loud. i’m glad it turned out to be as special as it looked!

wow, what crazy scope to successfully execute for a jam! the core gameplay is fun and having the entire skill tree system is neat, and feels like it was catered to your giftee :) thank you for making it!

You can use any assets you have the license to use. So you can use asset packs as long as you adhere to their restrictions (e.g. attribution), and you can have friends create assets for your game.

There’s no set theme, just try to make something you think would be special for your giftee :)

not sure if there’s an ending or a path through, i tried my hardest! enjoyed feeling like a dog sliding around a corner on a polished floor ^^

fun idea, would be interested to see different evolutions producing different mechanics :)

this is a beautiful experience, it felt warm, like getting to know your family through being there :) and cute art style!

this is such a beautiful and special experience. i saw a lot of common threads with my own childhood too that i didn’t even really realise were there. i’m glad you made this and i got to learn a little bit about you through it 💜

wow, unique way of presenting controls to the player! enjoyed this lots!

I’ve updated the readmes to clarify that the creator retains ownership over their work :)

i like this! lots of fun potential for different ways of pushing the blocks, and different consequences! i was playing for a minute before realising that you don’t actually have to swipe the blocks up, you can just click them ^~^