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KXI System

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Thank you! A lot of the choices I made for this game all came down to “Oh crap I don’t have enough time!”. The goat reference specifically was very literally the last minute addition before submission.

I also loved making a game of this scope and speed, it gives the upside of making a thing without the baggage of overthinking about the thing, so I’m definitely going to make more in the future.


I’ve encountered quite a few puzzles with multiple solutions, though these are art puzzles you can make a guess on how it should look like but otherwise its impossible to use pure logic without taking a gamble.

A good compromise is to have the ability to mark clues as complete manually rather than have it be marked automatically.

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Yeah I just encountered my first puzzles around size 15, it took a while to find them!

My rational for the auto complete feature is that if you know the trick/formula (sum of all the clues added together + number of clues - 1 = length of line) solving those lines becomes busywork. There is still a puzzle but easier puzzles would become much easier or even basically solved, so maybe unlocking the feature on bigger puzzles?

And I know my last suggestion is a lot more tricky to implement, and would basically mean it would be impossible to solve a clue without solving the entire line if you don’t place down marks. Though I have seen it in other games but only ones that count empty (crossed out) cells as part of the completed puzzle, Pixross only cares about filled cells.

I also forgot to ask about the possiblity of randomly generated puzzles! It’s how I got my picross fix between games and it would be awesome to have it here but that’s just another suggestion to throw out there.

Loving the game so far! Are there any plans to implement some sort of custom puzzle maker? Or just some ability to import custom puzzles that other users have made, having it be in game would be nice but even if its putting text files in a mod folder would be enough.

I might not be far enough into the game, but any plans on supporting bigger puzzles? 10x15 and 15x15 sizes would be fun to see.

Finally here is a big list of Quality of Life suggestions:

  • Ability to pan around the puzzle or when zooming in to make sure clues are still on the screen
  • Option to auto-complete lines with only one solution (10 / 1-6-1 / 8-1 etc)
  • Show what is won with the gacha
  • Option to pay for gacha in bulk amounts
  • Better way to choose different styles (its annoying when you have a lot)
  • Ability to preview puzzle styles in an actual puzzle
  • Increase clue legibility on lighter backgrounds
  • Option to disable colours / only one colour when solving a puzzle

Last suggestion is a bit complicated and will increase the difficulty of the game, though I do prefer it.

When solving a line with a lot of empty space (like a 1-1 line), placing one correct tile on the line will cause one of the clues to be solved which makes the line much easier to solve when normally it shouldn’t. I would like for the clue to only be solved in this scenario only when its obvious that it is solved (ex when other tiles are crossed out after the solved tile).

On that note it would be cool to see a difficulty mod where instead of live feedback of correct/incorrect answers, there is a submit/check mode where you can only know if a puzzle is solved correctly once you submit it.

Sorry this is just a long list of wants for the game, but love it so far and keep up the great work!