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Phenomenal. A work of art. I was so impressed by the visuals. The story was great, and easy to follow. I want more of this. I'm so impressed. Thank you for reaching out to me. It was my pleasure to play!

I had the absolute best time playing this! The visuals are stunning and the story is fantastic. I couldn't stop laughing! Highly recommend!

I very much enjoyed this! The atmosphere, the story, and the message. Great job! 

Well made. It was definitely a lot easier than I made it for myself! lol Your game starts at 16:20

Definitely my favorite game out of the bunch. Your atmosphere was pristine.  Your game starts at 6:00

This was very well made. More like this please! Your game is the first one!

I honestly loved everything about this. I was so impressed by the end of it. You've earned a new fan. I look forward to more of your work.

Extremely impressive. There was just enough spook factor. I loved it! Here's my gameplay. 

I loved the first one, and very much enjoyed this one as well. As a second episode you definitely delivered. Stranger Danger, indeed.

Extremely pleased. This was one of the most terrifying games I've played on my channel. It's not like the others, where you get spooked by a ghost. It's real life horror. Kudos to you, and the storytellers for producing such a creepy and surreal experience.

Thanks! lol

This demo was very creepy, and definitely got me in some areas. I look forward to your full release.

Thoroughly impressed. I was waiting for something to jump out at me the entire time. I was on edge. This was very well made. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Going down as one my favorites from itch. Your art style is absolutely phenomenal. It's a literal masterpiece and I loved it very much. I look forward to more from you.

I'm absolutely impressed by this game! The art itself should earn you an award. The story was very immersive and I was excited to learn more as I progressed. You have a new fan!

I loved your original demo, and played it early 2020. I was HIGHLY impressed by this teaser. You definitely came to play! This was absolutely incredible!

This was so much fun to edit for me. Your game was the perfect amount of spook during a thunder storm. The jump scares were great, and I loved the play style. Your game starts at 11:39

I definitely loved the vibe. The play style was fun. This was short, sweet, and to the point. I think with a little growth in your monster model, this game will be phenomenal. Good luck to you! Your game starts at 7:05

I really enjoyed it in the beginning; but after a while I was just not as into it because of the repetition. It has a lot of potential to be a great game. Your game is the first one.

This game definitely creeped me out. I wasn't able to completely finish, but it did it's job for sure.

This wasn't too shabby. The jump scares were definitely in the right place. I do wish the ending was a little more climatic, however I would still recommend this to people who love thrills!

You definitely got me! This was super silly, and a blast to play! Your game starts at 5:49

Your sound design was above my expectations for an indie game. Quality sound makes for an excellent experience. Thank you so much for creating. Your game starts at 2:25

I thought this experience was amazing. I loved everything you put into this. As a fan of the show, you did good! Your game is first :)

I'm very impressed with this. Your scares were great, the atmosphere was perfection, but what got me was the voice acting. I was thoroughly impressed every time they spoke (and a little spooked) Phenomenal job. 

I can't wait for chapter 2.

Sorry I'm late. I absolutely loved this. I felt this in so many ways, and I feel like I really understood. My final thoughts and theory are at the end of the vid!

Not bad! I like what you're working with, and look forward to what you come up with in the final project! My final thoughts are at the end of the video

This was pretty good! I wish there was more to explore. I hope there's some sort of extension or sequel!

*Please excuse the audio*

This was very interesting. The concept was likable, and I feel like the idea alone could manifest an amazing game. However, the slow dialogue kind of took me out of the experience. Not bad overall. 

This was super fun to play.! I didn't realize you were the same dev who made Parayzis! I wish I would have found all the secrets though. Well done!

For a 48 hour game, you did what you came to do! I liked the style. Super creepy and weird. Good job!

Um, can I just say how impressed I am? This is a masterpiece! The way you put together all the things that are supposed to be happy, for children and adults alike,  and made this nightmare, is literally phenomenal! I had the best time playing this. Definitely in my top 3 best played games on my channel! Congrats on your success! I  will be waiting for more from you.

I really enjoyed this! It was a little silent for my taste, but all in all you did an amazing job. I love the Manga style you went for here. Great work!

I loved this. Everything was exactly the way it was supposed to be.. Until I broke it. I feel so bad that I messed up somewhere! For what it's worth, this game was great, especially for your first try. I'm very impressed. Keep going! You got this. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

This was good! For a one man team, you did your thing! Thanks for creating,

and i hope to see more from you!

I really enjoyed this! There was just something so creepy right from the start. You gave me chills! I wish there were more of this on here. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

It was great to look at. Your graphics are amazing! It had that creep factor. I'm sure if 2020 had went better, this would have been super scary. I honestly hope to see more from you soon. Here's to 2021!