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Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed my narration!

Thanks for playing!

Loved your gameplay! Thanks for playing!

<3 <3

Thanks so much!

Glad you enjoyed! Loved your gameplay!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed my voice in your head! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed me toying with your head!

I loved it, but what's new? I couldn't wait to play, so I didn't. Thanks for letting me be apart of another project! You're fantastic and I had so much fun playing!

Happy Gobble Gobble.

Really fun game! I think this could do numbers if you had some sort of level mechanic. I really enjoyed it!

Fantastic game! You really know how to spook someone all while making them giggle. Looking forward to your next project!

I REALLY liked your gameplay. You were so entertaining to listen to. You have a fantastic voice!

I saw you jerk your hand at the end when my two-voice monologue came on, lol. Glad I could scare you!

Mr. Timore has a wide range of games to play! Free and paid! I would highly suggest you dive in! Can't wait to see more of your gameplay videos!

Thanks for such a kind review! Mr. Timore is an incredible indie dev! There's much more to come, so stay tuned! 

It was indeed!

Glad you liked my little demon voice. Great gameplay!

I LOVED your reaction to my two voices at the end of the game lol! Thanks for playing!!


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First of all, I absolutely LOVED this. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it! Although short, it really showcased what the creepypasta was telling us. The game was terrifying. MOAR of this!

Another incredible experience. I had a blast with this one! The atmosphere was fantastic, as always. I really enjoyed the more open world concept you went for in this one. I found that I was able to do more, interact with more, and the tasks were easy and fun! The story was great, and you implemented the surroundings to fit perfectly!

There were a couple of times where something got glitched, but it was easily fixed. 

Overall, this game is an excellent part of your F2F collection. I'm So proud of you!

View my reaction video here:

Fantastic game, as always, Mr. Timore. I had a great time playing. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this project by voicing Ellie and Mom. Happy Easter!

Amazing work! The screams I scrumpt while playing this were insane. Thank you for this spooktacular experience! 


Phenomenal. A work of art. I was so impressed by the visuals. The story was great, and easy to follow. I want more of this. I'm so impressed. Thank you for reaching out to me. It was my pleasure to play!

I had the absolute best time playing this! The visuals are stunning and the story is fantastic. I couldn't stop laughing! Highly recommend!

I very much enjoyed this! The atmosphere, the story, and the message. Great job! 

Well made. It was definitely a lot easier than I made it for myself! lol Your game starts at 16:20

Definitely my favorite game out of the bunch. Your atmosphere was pristine.  Your game starts at 6:00

This was very well made. More like this please! Your game is the first one!

I honestly loved everything about this. I was so impressed by the end of it. You've earned a new fan. I look forward to more of your work.

Extremely impressive. There was just enough spook factor. I loved it! Here's my gameplay. 

I loved the first one, and very much enjoyed this one as well. As a second episode you definitely delivered. Stranger Danger, indeed.

Extremely pleased. This was one of the most terrifying games I've played on my channel. It's not like the others, where you get spooked by a ghost. It's real life horror. Kudos to you, and the storytellers for producing such a creepy and surreal experience.

Thanks! lol

This demo was very creepy, and definitely got me in some areas. I look forward to your full release.

Thoroughly impressed. I was waiting for something to jump out at me the entire time. I was on edge. This was very well made. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Going down as one my favorites from itch. Your art style is absolutely phenomenal. It's a literal masterpiece and I loved it very much. I look forward to more from you.

I'm absolutely impressed by this game! The art itself should earn you an award. The story was very immersive and I was excited to learn more as I progressed. You have a new fan!

I loved your original demo, and played it early 2020. I was HIGHLY impressed by this teaser. You definitely came to play! This was absolutely incredible!