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Thank you so much for letting me know about this! This was such an amazing upgrade to your original game. You did such a good job. Thank you so much for creating this! If you make it to the end, I said a few words to you :)

I can't wait to see where you go as a creator! You did such a good job for your first game, congratulations!

Covid zombos ftw :D

I really enjoyed the spooks. I do think that that this could be a bigger game. Maybe some sort of apocalyptic zombie sort of thing. Thanks for creating!

Awesome job for your first game. I was really impressed with the atmosphere. It was spooky in all the right places. I loved it! Congratulations, and I can't wait to see more from you.

I liked the concept, but I got REALLY frustrated with the controls and was unable to complete the game. HOWEVER, with a few adjustments, this can be a super fun game. I had a lot of requests to play this, being that most of my fan base is from Mongolia. I'm willing to give it another try in the future. Happy creating!

Thanks for creating! With a couple of tweaks this could go far.

Absolutely amazing job. This game gave me everything I didn't know I needed. True horror. I can't wait to see more. 

The overwhelming sense of dread is almost unbearable. This is a good experience, and it really does spread awareness of some very sensitive subject matter, but it was almost just too much for me. I had goosebumps throughout. It heavily reminds me of The Static Speaks My Name.  Good luck on your future games :)

Besides the massive copyright claim I got, this game is super fun to play. I didn't want to stop playing it! You made something so silly, into something so addicting and fun. I recommend playing this, even if just once. Good job devs, I couldn't stop smiling!

This experience resonated differently with me. I felt like I was creating my own inner demon, and the end result confirmed that for me. I don't know if that's what you all were going for, but I completely related to my monster by the end of this. Great game. I hope to see more horror visual novels in the future.

This was an amazing experience. Right from the begining I felt a sense of dread. The game is spooky beyond this PT and I'm glad to have played it. I'll be waiting for the full the release. #Paranoid2021

Absolutely stunning, with an amazing message. Thank you so much for making this. The world needs to see this.

Rest in peace, Dr. Li Wenliang, may your research continue making the world a better place.

Words can't describe how in love I am with this demo. It was an immediate, love at first sight feeling. I plan on playing the full game, once released, no matter the time it takes to complete it!

Good work, and congratulations, in advance,

for your future success.

I was completely taken back with how creepy this truly was. This was really good for a prototype. As much as I hate the thought of actually working in a morgue, I'd still play a full release of this.

I just wanted to say, congrats on this being your first game. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you did very well for something that was new to you. The game overall was pretty good. With a couple of small adjustments I think this could become smething really great! Good luck on your journey!

Please tell me you plan on finishing this? I really enjoyed what you gave. For something incomplete, it was really good. I hope to see a finished product from you soon! ^_^

I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere was phenomenal; as well as the style. The story will definitely open a few eyes. Thanks so much. I can't wait to play Chapter Two!

I really enjoyed this short. The message I pulled from it really hits home. Good work. Thanks so much!

That's awesome! I hope to see more from you ^_^

I really enjoyed this little game. I wish more games would be as creative with visuals as you all were. Thank you so much for the spooks!

I absolutely loved your game. I can see you really blowing up as a big dev in the future. Please keep creating! 

Interesting take on what sleep paralysis is or could be. 

I really enjoyed this. It did, as others have stated, have that PT vibe. The colors, the ambience, the scares, everything was spot on. I was slightly confused at the end, I wanted to know more. But besides that, I was thoroughly entertained and would love to see more from you all. ^_^

This was an amazing game. It had everything it needed, and more, to be a horror game to remember. Great job, you have yourself a new fan. ^_^

I honestly felt the sadness. It was like a painting that had come to life, only partially. This was beautiful and really had me thinking about my lost loved one. You did a phenomenal job showing how all five stages feel. 

Thank you.

I absolutely loved this so much. I'm not 100% sure if the Courage The Cowardly Dog reference was on purpose, but I LOVED it! Phenomenal job on this game, I hope to see more from you!

So unfortunately, my sound capture failed while I was playing this, and it didn't get ANY of the sound. I didn't want to scrap the video because I genuinely  loved this SO much. It's such a good game. The puzzles aren't painfully hard, which makes the game even more enjoyable.  I can't wait to see the full game!

Absolutely loved this

. I'll be returning to it ever so often, just for a little peace of mind. Thank you for creating this experience.

This was simply fantastic. I would play this again, just to listen to the sounds and stare into that beautiful forest. You have created a work of art. Great job!

Super fun game. I love how the story came to life at the end. Great job!

I really enjoyed this. How I felt by the end of this, really says it all.  Thanks for the game!

Very clever. I loved this!

Super fun game, and totally relatable! I loved it!

This was pretty good! I had alot of fun playing it ^_^

Super cute! Wish there was more! Here's my gameplay!

I came for the art and puns, and left with a lesson. Even if that wasn't your intent, I got a message from playing this. I loved this! Please keep up the amazing work!

Awesome game. I suck at platform games, come to find out. But I had A LOT of fun! 

Amazing game. One of the best games I've played on Itch. Please enjoy this gameplay :)