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I like the idea of dimensions, although above 4 start to be confused. ;)

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to fix the errors with codes whenever I had a moment to sit down to code.

At first I was a little confused but after a while I took in what was going on. Nice one! :)

At the beginning thanks for the review! I like the illustrated manual in your game. Original and very nice. The idea of the traps and keys made this very challanging memory game. Good job! :)

It's cool that you parody real events. I laughed hard when I saw this game. Good for you! :P

Nice idea. It was really funny and challenging. So far my fav ;)

Pretty nice fit into the jam theme. ;)

2 issues i found. The sound doesn't play after restart, you have to refresh the page and it's easy to accidentally skip the score board.

It looks very nice and it's much harder than you think first time. Nice one. :)

It's pretty hard and i love the idea. I was curious of what you do cuz i saw some screenshots on Twitter. Nice entry and i'll wait for updates. Keep working. ;)

I love idea! Keep working, you have a big potential here and i will follow updates!

Really cute. I love design and this music. You 'feel' loading while playing. Great fit to jam theme!

Nicely done, i like the simplicity of this game.

Cool idea and great, difficult levels. Nice.

I love design of this game.

Good idea but for me animations are a too slowly. Anyway i like this!

Nice one :)

Nice gameplay but colliders are annoying.

Nice and addictive gameplay. I like this one. ;)

I'm positively surprised! It's one of those games where curiosity forces you to take the next step. Great idea!

I didn't expect next game after loding finished but it was there and it was even more difficult (what i really like;)). And animation of jumping turtle is pretty funny . Great work!

@tann Thanks! I played this hundred of times so i didn't feel this too-suddenly start. Thanks for feedback, i'll try to fix it later. ;)

Works and looks like a charm. I'm in love with gameplay and waiting for complete game! I don't know if that's something you want to achieve but the game has nice psychodelic feeling wich is what i like! Good job!

That's awesome! I would like to play on but my hand hurts :D Great job!

Yeap, i'll try adventure too and i've got a nice idea. Lets the race begin. ;)

I love the way you're using itch background to get better immersion. At first time i was thinking that you have full width player. ;) Thanks!

Great idea and nice art! I Really like it!

Nice story and art. I love the way you tell the player that he can interact with something using lamp. Good job!
Btw, subtitles dissapear a little to fast.