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Couldn't play much with my azerty keyboard but from what I've tried the game looks and plays great for a jam game :D Keep it up, I'd love to see you grow a story around this game ^^

Pretty cool game, I would love to be able to make my own house in this and maybe have more ways to avoid the dinosaur, throw spears at him, stuff like that :)

Awesome visuals but the controls are maybe too simple to make it easy to play 😅

Still a very good game that I would love to see evolve :)

This really looks unique and I can't wait to play another demo, keep up the good work <3

It's high quality and cute, I want to see more :P<3

Man that's a good game ! Please continue to work on it <3

That is great, thanks a lot

Please add more to this game, I really like the mechanics and the style. I would love to see space combat and resource mining :)

Also, if you could add options to change the controls that would be great