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Thank you for the kind words and invitation! I'll be sure to enter the contest this year and see how it goes! If you haven't already, try the newest version of Hive Defenderz to see and hear the complete story =)

I couldn't try out your game yet because it's missing the actual _Data folder that has all the good stuff in it =)

Think you could re-up a zipped version?

Thank you for playing the game! I figured because it was intentionally a short game, that anyone in their right mind would only play it once so I wanted the final level to be a bit of a challenge :) No offense to nutty people mind you :) Maybe you should just Git Gud? (kidding).

Seriously, thank you very much for taking the time to play my silly games. The feedback greatly helps me revise and plan my future iterations of the class material and is food for thought on level design. It's hard to get a well rounded education when taking specific courses online instead of at an actual college or university. That's where the value of play testers comes in :)

Also, I played both of your games on itch! Excellent start and pretty original! I'll check back later for sure to see how you are coming along with them!


Thank you for trying the goofy game :) Good to have some input from an actual game developer. I should've mentioned there were unlimited lives until you get to the Boss level :) On the next game in the series I'll be sure to communicate the options and limitations better with the player 😎