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Kuwala C.

A member registered Nov 04, 2020

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No problem at all.  Okay I'll try a different browser - that could be the issue.  And you bet. ;)  Cheers. -KC

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Hi Drake, for some reason the game is not working for me on my browser (Firefox - scripts are enabled) - The following message displays in the viewing box:

"An unexpected error has occurred.

  • Go back to the previous passage.
  • Hard restart, clearing all progress and beginning from the start"

And neither option works.  Do you happen to know why?  Given the title & subject matter/topic of the game, it sounds very promising & interesting.  Also, congratulations on your rankings in TSCTJ (GameJam) of 2020 - Better than more than half of the submissions!  Noice. -KC

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Hi Sally O, just letting you know that the game is not working for me on my browser (Firefox - scripts are enabled - it's just a black-screen with "Enter fullscreen" icon in lower-right corner).  Do you have any idea why?  It says it was last updated on "Mar 11, 2021" - Idk if that helps, but the game looks promising, just based on the cover-page, title, & tags haha!  Also, congratulations on your rankings in SJ5!  Better than more than half of the entries - Sounds like a great start to me! ;)  Hope this helps.  Much love. -KC

Hi Ms .45, just letting you know that when I tried to run the game via this webpage (even without scripts blocked), I received the message:

"Sorry to interrupt, but this story's code has got itself in a mess.




ou may be able to continue playing, but some parts may not work properly."

for the active script listed as "" on Firefox (fully updated).  Do you have any idea why that would be &/or how to fix it?  The only thing viewable in the actual game window is the menu on the left ("Rewind", "Restart", & "Bookmark"), but they are not selectable & only highlight upon hover-over.  Hope this helps.  Regardless, game sounds promising - Great work in my opinion still! -KC

Hi vicvegas, the error you receive is due to a script being disabled or altered that is required for the applet/application to run in your web browser via this webpage.  If you would like more details, please feel free to share more information here & when I get to it I can help you out further, otherwise I hope this helps. -KC

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No sir/madam.  May I ask how you got there?  Thanks for responding though. -KC

Update: Never mind haha.  Just found a way to get there.  Could not do it directly through this website is all.  Thanks anyway though. -KC

Hi Burst Out Games, for some reason the download links are not posted - it shows the names of the files & types, but no buttons.  Any idea why that would be?  Hope this helps.  Game looks promising. -KC

Ok.  Thanks for letting me know S-G.  Still could not get it to work, so I think it must be something to do with my device settings.  Will look into it & let you know if I can get it to work. ;) -KC

Hi SythmanG, after downloading the game, unpacking it, & starting the .exe file, nothing happens other than "nwjs" shows up in Task Manager (on Windows at least) with the icon.  Is that what it is supposed to do?  Otherwise, game looks promising, & if you made it, thanks for doing so.  Hope this helps. ~KC

Ah nvm haha!  Figured it out - just gotta hit 'E'.  Still a difficult game, but that just adds to the fun - trying to figure it out haha!  Thanks again team.

Hi ninjamuffin99, first of all, thanks to you & your team for producing this fine work of art.  Secondly though, I stupidly opened options or something (the book thingy) during gameplay, & now it's stuck covering nearly the whole screen hehe! -nervous_emoji..-  How do I go back to the gameplay screen (where I can actually see the badguys so I don't get hit, even though quite honestly yes even that is actually quite fun in this game haha! xD  What can I say, I'm easily amused, or a nut! xD)???  In the meantime I'll just restart & try not to do that again haha!  Idiot (me).

Oh & btw, separate pages are easier, am I right?!  HAhahaha!  Makes it clear which part is "free", & which part is "not free", though yes of course putting both versions on the same page is possible, it's easier to measure Statistically which page receives more hits, & thus make decisions accordingly as to what Should be "free", & what Should be "not free", right??  Hehe, you betcha.  So if some chucklehead wants to make a big stink about it, You let me know.  I've got your back homey (no pun intended). ;)  HAhahaha!  Word. -KC

Hey, if the Boss-man(-or-woman) wants $5, the Boss-man(-or-woman) wants $5, am I right?!  HAhahaha! :D  Either way, thanks for sharing Boss-man(-or-woman - the Game Developer, RocketGirlGames).  Looks like a great game, & I haven't even played it yet.  Looking forward to it though & will update you accordingly.  Cheers. ;) -KC

Ethansmith00k is correct.  Here is another link I found:

Both platforms seem great imo. ;) -KC

You bet.  Sorry for the delay again.  Unfortunately I'm not on here very much.  I appreciate the information, though I must admit, I'm not actually much of a chatter.  However, I'll still consider that - one or the other.  I'm kinda new to this though, so where do I go to check it out (haha, sorry!  I might be what's called a noob or newb hehe!  -shrug-)?  Either way I'll be checking on here though should anything pop-up regarding the game - I'm subscribed! :)  Great mask btw too haha (saw the movie - Great movie). -KC

Thanks again AnonymousStudio, & sorry for the delay as well.  It worked for me this time & I played the whole game through so far.  It was great!  Graphics were aMAzing! :D  Thank you so much!  Looking forward to future updates.

Thank you so much for working on it!  You bet!  Will try it now & update you accordingly! ;)

Hi Anonymous Studio, it says "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website" for PC/Linux as well.  Thank you for creating this though.  Hopefully it can work soon.