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Yes, I'm pretty sure I used 'Passages of Ma'habre'. If finding the beacon of the depths fixes the problem then it's fine, I'll get back to confirm if it worked when I find it. Cheers.

Got me hyped, but unfortunately the problem persists. It's the same scenario, going into the Tower location turns everything black, and when going back to the previous location it stays black. The only thing I see is the area name changing on the top side of the screen and I can enter inventory etc., but the rest is pitch black ;( I use steam and it supposedly updated to the newest version.

I see the blackout fix in latest patch notes, but the problem still persists on mac. When I enter the tower the screen goes black and stays that way until restart. Same happens randomly when changing between locations close to the tower. It happened to me few times already and I've wasted a couple of hours without any progress because of it. It's basically a game breaking bug, hope it get's addressed quick. I enjoy this game too much to stop now. Cheers.

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I jumped into the toilet hole... Please tell me it's not how it looks like...