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No, thank you for making the game!

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OH. MY. GOD! This game is AMAZING! Im so glad that you made this perfection of a game! I loved every single moment of this game. Even though I got pretty pissed with the first bosses final insta-kill attack, i figured there must be a way to get around it, which there was. (For those of you that still cant get past that, you can use the sword dash attack, or just dont die, and be revived after you kill her.) Then fighting HER was hell. But what i liked, was that this game is so charming and great, that you will never get too pissed off at it and rage quit.

What would be a really great feature for the game though, would be the use of kits, or spell decks with preset spells in them. Maybe you can have one kit that uses the first boss' attacks, maybe another kit uses HER's attacks. It doesnt even have to be that. It can even be a kit that uses fire spells, or one that uses ice spells.

Even if it isnt online pvp, this would make this game the game of the year, imo.

(also, im gonna advertise this on Reddit and prolly youtube, and you cat stop me :P )