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Kuudere Ghost

A member registered Oct 19, 2018

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This game is actually pretty scary, I actually love the aesthetics/vhs style of the game too, I also think it has it's own VHS looking title. Overall a good game, and I'd recommend you try it as it's pretty good and might surprise you! :)

This demo was pretty great, I like how it mixes up the horror genre by making it more fast paced. I also made a video of the game demo:

Yeah I kind of get that :P, thanks for watching it (I also saw your comment). Nice game :)

So, this game is more well made than I originally thought it would be, I did not play the first game, but I would say that this game is pretty good compared to most horror games on, the only gripe I have is that the keys are not very visible. Overall good game though!

I made a video going through the start of this visual novel, I love the art style!

This is one of the best Indie horror games I've played, well done developers. You did a great job!