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a question out of curiosity cuz i tend to make "canon" runs where in case of games with relative big character customization and gear/clothing options having the character use default, or dev, look/gear/name etc. and for that I'm interested which characters r canon or from dev pov furry

so if remember correctly i saw in the comments here that we're able to turn into succubus/incubus and maybe meat parasite somewhen...

1st. is it possible to make it like that,as example, we need drain kiss and electro shock to progress the succubus questline and in order to learn more succubus/wizard like magic we need to become a succubus/incubus ourselves...same with meat parasite that the mega boob and cock r required to even proceed the questline etc.?

2nd. is it possible to add a laboratory that experiments with technology and we can get high tech gear there?(or if the first question is possible that we get simple tech gear for a questline and later can decide to get better gear/become a cyborg)

muscular would be still possible cuz u would only need to add lines to the body right?

2 questions/ideas

1st: due to the lizard girl i wondered if we get the option to become lizard like the furry option, 2nd: is it possible to add to the arm/leg customization to put furry(and possible lizard) option? basically how Gin looks like in the human version 

i assume you misunderstood the question...i meant more than the existing 3 options and new options

will there be more body settings? like bigger breast, more nipples, thicker etc. but already a interesting game concept and and design 

ah thx

due to me enjoying to collect things like weapons or armor i would like to know what equipment is in the game so far or if it only lays randomly in an area/drops from boss enemies/ is sold by the caterpillar in case i missed smth

it's not necessary yet and people can just download the ones they like but sooner or later will be quite a lot characters or not so maybe making it to a collection rather than having each character separated would be good if possible but either way so far a pretty nice game

i understand that game development needs support but i still have to ask is there a chance for the gallery to be available for the free version when the development is done or atleast like a fast travel to the location to watch the scenes again in the free version?

i got a little question about the kink "plus sized", my guess of what it means is characters with a bit more weight and the only character i saw that fits is Nimosa or how the tribe woman's name was, so i tried meeting her with the kink off but shevwas still the same...did i missed smth or what does the kink apply on?

The Game is interesting...a Adult Game which appears rather story focused than Sex Scene focused due to being only images and text but i noticed that there r visuals on the character for the status lactating, slimy and parasite slimy but not for Arousal, slime pregnancy and cumflation, besides the belly, like water/cum/slime at the pussy and inner i wondered if u just never thought about adding it or no time/not interested in it?