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for some reason the dog and the horse don't have the train mount option is that a bug or did I do something wrong


It only goes to 100 and after that no heart:(

How to get to sleep with him on the same bed?

I have already done it 10 times and the heart is not appearing 

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Yes I do I have the priestess amulet equip on me

How do I get the heart for Bernard because It only goes to 100 and nothing happens?

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The cave where you can meet Victoria tar being kill skeleton where you can meet the leader of the lizard tribe. 

It tells me that I needed a light source but I already got that a long time ago and it happened when I defeated the red lizard and then I can't enter anymore except the one in the swamp but the only thing I can do is fight lizard or corrupt lizard and watch the lizards. 

why can't I go to the cave anymore?




why can't I bring Roushk back to my house :(

Thank you for the information :)

Is the update today or tomorrow? 

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thanks :)

nothing :(

how to get the harem pants I have soap and the tufts of hair but I don't know how to clean them?

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How do I increase Logans likeness because it won't go up above 8?
Why do the lizards keep on escaping even after I use the lure and and almost killed them?
Where can I find the tiny santa orcs?

how to get Tar Being (River’s Cave) + Bad Ending and The first search (Normal Logan)?


How about the horse and the raptor

how to increase my pet's like?

the potion, sleep, and rest only help a portion of the sanity bar just repeat it to return to full bar 

Thanks again love the game :3

I just notice this but the sanity bar actually goes down and I was wandering what are the ways to make it go down besides have sex with the raptor?

Can I change the horse I have chosen because I pick the wrong one :(

thank you ^_^

when's the next update?

thank you :)

how do i get the 1st date hunting with bernard