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Kuro Yuki

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There's so many tasks I can finish for being a pear, lol. Great game.

The gameplay is kinda bizzare and hard but somehow I like it, makes me remember classic 80/90 arcade games on my nintendo.

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I can turn anime real, lol. This game is very weird. Looks like being God is not that easy :D

Little Lands community · Created a new topic Simple but Fun
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It kinda confused me when start playing this, but later I understand the flow.

Somehow this game has complex movement, love it

The style is quite unique, i'm pretty sure it will be very popular rpg game in the future.

The game is quite simple but adorable, really enjoyed playing it.

Indeed, Ripped Pants at Work is fun and catchy to play :D

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I love this game, thank you for providing this <3

Fariwalk The Past is kinda different but we need more the horror scenes, still love it tho

I think Runeshard is kinda good, 7/10

Duck Build includes a great vibrant, cartoon-like design that's very appealing to people, I love it <3

Im still here just so hilarious, I thought I'm gonna dead while playing this lol

i'm really into Happy Hour, such a nice game. Good job.

I highly recommend you to play Karate Basketball if you like playing basketball, lol

My Little Blacksmith Shop is really what I want to play right now.

House Party Game was really fun to play. It's just somehow very addictive. Am I right?

Raft game is amazing mate, so far I really enjoy playing it.

Eatvolve is so addictive to play, Thanks. :D

I'm really a good hacker now, thanks for making me a hacker lol :D

Thanks for this free game

So much love for this fun puzzle game. Thanks for uploading this.

Sara is Missing is super fun, really make me scared when I played it for the first time. lol :D

Feral is very impressive game, I really love it

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OMG, big thanks I really love this free pc game xD

Thanks, really love this game