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Oh wowie I have not been on itch in forever and I just now saw your reply... can't believe this was so long ago! From what I remember I believe she was. I think she was manipulative and at least emotionally very abusive if not physically, and a lot of times in heterosexual relationships where the woman is the abuser, she will try to turn it around to paint the man as the abuser, and it's not hard to believe because of all the male abusers out there. If you haven't played yet, I hope you enjoy the game! All of this creator's games that I've played deal with a lot of heavy subjects so do make sure you're in a good mindset before you play! 

I really love the concept of this game because it shows that abuse cases are not always cut and dry, and that abusers are often really good at concealing their true nature and turning things around on others.

Another excellent piece. I really enjoy your work!

Eating disorder mindset to a tee. Really put me back in that place. Super triggering ofc, but worth it for the art. Great job!

I love the sense of mystery! It really stays with you for a long time.