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Hell, if I saw a sexy demon I would go for it :P

Looking forward to it!

I'm glad you changed your minds, lol. Will anticipate release day!

Thanks for the reply, that sounds great :)

Rawr, indeed.

Gotta love a protagonist that doesn't hold back on the fangirling.

Now to wait till this comes out... :'(

If the demo is any indication, this will hella fun to play when it comes out :D

I'm glad Natsu is a character with a's actually more disturbing to not have a character than to have an avatar that doesn't look like you...

Anyway, looking forward to all the humor and Grouchy-kun! Also, fabulous art style, guys.

Dear Agashi,

I loved the demo so much I had to go and support your Kickstarter! The writing is brilliant, I'm loving the depth of the player choices and Noah is freakishly hot ;)

Quick question - is there a way to briefly make the text box disappear for screenshots? That seems like it would be a helpful mechanic.

Other than that, loved everything. Looking forward to release day!

You had me at capybara.

Please do release an english version!