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Really makes me feel like a 

Really makes me feel like toes

Game broke

I can't play the game

Very cool!

Level two very hard, I can't solve it

Cool game, I think I would enjoy it more if I knew spanish

Great job. I really thought that the arcade cocaine sniffer genre was lacking, until I saw this game!

Just beat the game, it is cool that you worked on it with your wife.

Though I would suggest (if you want to work on this project more), to inform the player of the fat amount when they reach it. For myself it only felt like a cool dynamic after you explained it.


Nice, to make your game better I really suggest adding more particles.

COOOOL game idea, very nice!

The game is really confusing, really suggest adding a tutorial or a video telling you how to play

Cool game, though when I got too fat I was unable to make any more corn.

It really makes you feel like you are running a shop.

I feel nothing without the duck.

Very nice I clicked obamna

This game really makes me feel like a scroller 

Eazy Cheese Lemon Squeezy


This game is quite silly and pretty good, nice job

I shit myself

If peter griffin was a game this would be it

Finally, I can kill people and not go to jail. Very cool!

I am going to sue, you made me piss my pants

If google docs was a game this would be it

Neat game I really enjoyed the custom sound effects

This game is really bangin

One of the fish games I have ever played

Correct, you have achieved something that will go down in history as a historic moment for all Donkey Kong Fans  

This is one of the games of all time


It really makes me feel like a fish

Your game gave me terminal five cancer, pretty good

You uploaded your GDOT project not your actual game

This game really makes you feel like you lost your Capybara