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A great game to play in October!

Corpsepile you've done it again!

A fun and spooky experience!

An experience I thought I'd never have!

My new favorite Analog style horror game!

A very short but great game!

Look at this game and think about what you think this game is. Got it? It's wrong. This was a very interesting experience! 

This game helped me maximize my tax return!  

I really enjoyed this game. One of my favorite analog horror games so far!

Very cool game! Very immersive!

This type of horror has quickly become one of my favorites!

Very creepy and unsettling experience!

Regardless of me having a smooth brain, i really enjoyed this game!

This game made me so paranoid and question reality and I loved it!


Love Puppet Combo! The way they're able to create a terrifying story around 4 other terrifying stories is insane!  

Very fun game with a really interesting concept! 

Very Creepy Game!

Very fun and addictive game!

This is left me uneasy and I love it!

Love this games art style! Love this games music! The perfect "Short but Sweet" game!

This game scared the heck out of me!

Spooky atmosphere. Spooky music. Great experience!

Short and sweet little horror game

Great game...but WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

Very spooky game that really raised by stress levels!

Yes it is and thank you! 😁

This game is weird and made me feel uncomfortable...which makes it a GREAT scary game!

This game made me scream!

Short but delivers the tension!

Very Fun and Addictive Game!

Very fun and unique game!

The way this game made me feel is so unique to any other horror game I have played!

Very hilarious game!

Small game, BIG IMPACT!

Very unique and scary game!

Short and Sweet!

This game is really creepy...and I Love That!

A Great Visual Novel!

This game was addicting no lie!

Very Awesome, Creepy Game!