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This game is fantastic!

I CANNOT wait to see where this goes!

This game makes me feel crazy...and i love it!

10/10 will order from again!

A realistically terrifying game  

All I'm going to say is..."You got me" lol

Definitely one of the best Observation Duty-like games

Id love to see more games like this!

Awesome! Thank you for the reply!

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the settings from Ultra? When I try to adjust any settings, it resets back to Ultra and ultimately crashes the game lol. 

This game was great! I look forward other games you make!

Not what i was expecting in the beat way!

This game had me on edge lol


This was unexpectedly terrifying!

This was great! I would love to see more!

Short but effective horror game!

this game made me feel weird lol

Dark mode makes this SO much worse!

A great and terrifying experience!

*heavy breathing* 😳

Very creepy experience! Check out my playthrough, which is also the sequel to Aptitude, here!

Just when you thought Mooshie was done serving you up, here he comes with seconds! Great game!

This game is great! I'd love to see more!

Very spooky, very fun, and it did make me jump!

Don't fall for the cuteness!

This game made me question myself lol

My introduction into the analog horror genre and it was great!

Very creepy! Can't wait for more!

Very fun and creepy!

A Corpsepile Classic!

This game made me so nervous! Very creepy!

A very unique and effective horror game!

I didn't think taxes couldn't get scarier....I was wrong

A very short but effective horror game!

This easily become one of my favorite Analog horror games!

Very creepy and panic inducing lol 

Another Corpsepile classic!

This game made me feel uncomfortable...and I loved it!

Don't be fooled!