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Yay! Thank you very much! Have awesome 2020!

Hello. Letting you know I couldn't pay with PayPal. After purchase said there was an error with transaction. I waited a while and then checked PayPal account. Transaction was with pending status waiting confirmation on your end (hotmail account) with option to cancel it. So since already said there was error and I didn't receive asset I then canceled pending transaction on PayPal. I purchased 2 other assets from other artists afterwards with no problem. What was unusual with this purchase - PayPal didn't ask my address information, which I usually have to fill in for tax since I'm from Europe.

Thank you!

Love it. Does this fit any CC license?

Hello. Files seem to be missing from this set. "Nothing is available for download yet." in download section. And it doesn't show up in store. For example in Assets when ordered by time or when searching for "Gothicvania". So people can find it only by direct links.

Not at the moment. Your prices are very reasonable. Prices I checked before were much more expensive. So I have a lot to think about now.

Thanks! Sounds great! I'll bookmark this.


I want to clarify something.

Let's say I have an art asset 16x16 or 32x32 with a character that is missing some animations to fit in a project I'm working on. Let's say jump or duck animation.

Would you be able to add those?

Would it classify as existing character?

Hello. Can I use this in commercial project?