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Very kind of you. Thank you!


Character Generator comes with 12 GB 'resources.assets' file & 1 GB 'sharedassets0.assets' file.

Are they supposed to be so huge?

Thanks, Alex, those are really good. What are the conditions of use? Any particular license?

hmm, I've merged the link you've sent me to this account and all I see is still just the free .zip

Pixel portraits. I could download Thank you!

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Those are great but full set appears to be unavailable after purchase. is still the only file that shows up

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Ah ok, thank you!

edit: Strings did it for me. I did a little Mandelbrot zooming performance test and the best results were from GML(YYC)+Lua drawing with buffer_set_surface, which was about 7% faster than drawing with draw_point_colour and 25% faster than buffer_set_surface all in GML(YYC) without Lua. Uncompiled GML+Lua was ~400% faster than pure uncompiled GML

Thank you!

I want to nag you some more about this extension, though.

- My understanding is that values are passed through LUA API and it adds type identifier to each value which then can be parsed on the other side. I couldn't get array numerical entries get identified other than '4' - float64. I tried math.floor() and & 0xff and just passing zeroes. But it was always f64. That's quite a bit of overhead. Is this API's doing? Or is there something I'm missing that can be done in Lua?

- So currently when array is received each value has to be filtered. I thought a neat thing to have would be a function in dll that would strip meta and just pass raw bufferlike data to GMS so it could be flipped to surface with 'buffer_set_surface' or dumped to a file with 'buffer_save' without further burden of processing in GML.

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Latest version - 1.4.9999 r45042 stand alone (not Steam)

The same thing seem to happen with strings also but not with numbers.

edit: strings work fine with older version of asset: Apollo.gmez

edit2: same problem with dll from 'Apollo-GMS1.gmez' that needs debug runtime

edit3: this appears to fix the issue: in 'lua_global_get' replace

return lua_buffer_read(b);


var tmp = lua_buffer_read(b);

return tmp;

some GMS internal black magic I guess

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I'm on GMS14.

If I run this in VM everything appears to work fine, but, when compiled with YYC, program appears to leak memory on every received array.

Am I doing something wrong?

edit: I'm using fixed .dll that is not bound to debug runtime.


state = lua_state_create();

lua_add_file(state, "test.lua");



var in = lua_global_get(state,"out");


out = {}

function fill( )

    for offs=1, 5000 do

        out[offs] = math.random(0,255)



Thank you very much! All good now.


Download file after purchase 'SHOPIFY 1.png' is a promotion banner, not asset.

Yay! Thank you very much! Have awesome 2020!

Hello. Letting you know I couldn't pay with PayPal. After purchase said there was an error with transaction. I waited a while and then checked PayPal account. Transaction was with pending status waiting confirmation on your end (hotmail account) with option to cancel it. So since already said there was error and I didn't receive asset I then canceled pending transaction on PayPal. I purchased 2 other assets from other artists afterwards with no problem. What was unusual with this purchase - PayPal didn't ask my address information, which I usually have to fill in for tax since I'm from Europe.

Thank you!

Love it. Does this fit any CC license?

Hello. Files seem to be missing from this set. "Nothing is available for download yet." in download section. And it doesn't show up in store. For example in Assets when ordered by time or when searching for "Gothicvania". So people can find it only by direct links.

Not at the moment. Your prices are very reasonable. Prices I checked before were much more expensive. So I have a lot to think about now.

Thanks! Sounds great! I'll bookmark this.


I want to clarify something.

Let's say I have an art asset 16x16 or 32x32 with a character that is missing some animations to fit in a project I'm working on. Let's say jump or duck animation.

Would you be able to add those?

Would it classify as existing character?

Hello. Can I use this in commercial project?