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I can't change the payment setting of itch, sorry.

Hi there, thank you for the support and I am glad that you enjoyed the game! "Fast Learning" is a buff which will increase 50% exp from job.

Hi there! Thank you for your support. I am working on a new game, its also a living simulation. If you are interested, please check out here:

Not sure where you got the game, since it's 1.0 which is not available anymore long time ago. If you download the game here or DLsite, it should be 1.2

try cooking 10 times.

I don't think itch have other payment method.

If you want to support me, you can buy the game on DLsite, it accept debit card.

You can start the game with BottleBiosphere.exe

It is possible that your firewall or antivirus deleted the exe file when you unzip it. Renpy occasionally mistaken as virus.

You're welcome, good to hear that the problem solved. 

Also thanks for the support!

This has nothing to do with the save, the demo shop only have 2 items.

Somehow your finished version has the demo shop? I am not sure what is going on.

Because you are playing the demo?

Buy "PC", search "location", go to "suspicious store", then you can find all the item you need.

Thank you for your support! I also wish you the best!

No plan on that now.

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Hi there,

Yes, Both are v1.2.  Thank you for your support too!

The  apron event requirements are the following:

1) Weekend(Sat/Sun) 2)Morning(wake up at bed, NOT come home)  3) has "Apron(blue)" and gave it to Fuyuka

4)romance > 200 (when you observe her, it said "She is in love with you...")

So far there is no bug report about apron event not happening, so I think its not a bug. The savefile problem also doesn't affect this event. If you are playing v1.2 than it might be simply not meeting the requirement above yet.

Thank you very much, apologize again for not able to help your problem…

Maybe try delete the whole thing and re-download it. 

This is very weird , this bug you mentioned was from v1.1. I fixed it at v1.2 already. Didn’t receive any report about event loops since v1.2. Just some item displays bug remain so far.

I really not sure what’s going on here, sorry.

Yes, I am working on the next game now. Same genre, different characters and settings.

if you played early version before, you have to delete the old save file. Both at the game folder and Renpy auto save.

The auto save file usually located at C:\Users\User's name\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\BottleBiosphere-1586329272

Be aware that you will lose all the game process by doing this. Since renpy doesn’t support save file update. I’m sorry about that.

Are you guys playing v1.1?


I am glad to see you again too, noodles. You are around here when I first started making  the game  2 years ago. I am happy you are still  here!

I have some miscommunication with the publisher and they released the game earlier then my schedule. So I am as surprise as you are when I got the news.

It's ok if you cant purchase it, there is many way to support the game. Just leaving comment and review already helps a lot.

1)headpat everyday

 2)shower everyday

 3)Live with her 



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Hi there, those bugs are probably caused by the old save file from the previous demo.

Since I have changed a lot of setting, which is very liking to cause conflicts of old location or action. 

Because renpy recognise the demo and the final game as the same.

You can go to this path and delete the  save file from previous version.

C:\Users\User's name\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\BottleBiosphere-158632927

Hi there, thank you very much for the suggestion and opinions.

I have noticed the inconsistency between events, I would definitely check it in the near future. Since the release of the game I have received a lot of bug reports, so currently I'm fixing bug here and there.  

I understand the rent system might be a bit annoying, I will try if there is any improvement I can make about it.

Really appreciate for your feedback!

Oh, right. some code is missing there! Thanks, I will update it soon.

There is a typo, I will update it soon. 

The Love Potion and Comic LA are for Hevent which will be add at the final game.

For the Bartender Tool set, try 'cooking' 10 times.

 You can use  'search for advice' at PC to check the condition of next event, or maybe you have finished the demo?

To be honest the room UI code is pretty messy, I will come back to this later. As long as it isn't game breaking, I have to leave it for the moment.

Thanks, the typo and minor bug were fixed.

But I will need some time to fix the system related problems like condition error and inventory.

The current requirement for her to accept underwear as gift is romance level > 200.

When you "observe" Fuyuka and it show  "She is in love with you..." means the romance level is above 200.

It need extra work to add mosaic, so I work on it first and use it for the demo. After I finish adding all the voice and sound effect to the censored version, I can copy the whole setting to the uncensored one. 

Mask, Nurse outfit and Neko set. Got it! Thanks.

1) I use censored material as default when I making the game now, that's why the demo is also censored. I will add the uncensored version later.

2)Yeah, that's probably a bug with the clothing, I will update it soon.

I see. I will have a look into that.

Fuyuka refused because your relationship with her is not close enough, maybe you should spend more time with her, buy her a gift, and eventually become lover...then you can give her underwear. 

You have to go through several events to get there, if you are not sure what to do next, buy pc and use “ Search for advice“. It will show you the condition of next event!

I am back!

Sorry for the waiting!

Thanks for your opinions and recommend the game!

I wish I can add more events about Fuyuka, but you know...everything's are tight, time and especially the budget...

Wow! Very Appreciated for your detailed comments and suggestions.

I'm pleased to know someone treat my game this seriously, also willing to share your thought to me.

I will look into the problem you have mentioned.

The price of the items, rents and salary were set as close as real life Tokyo, I guess that's mean the life of a poor part-time worker is very hard.

I didn't set the difficulty on purpose, but I will sure adjust the number setting later.