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wheezed, thank you for making this my good fellow

well, as much as we broke people would appreciate it, devs of games they spent a lot of time on should put a price on their creations. they deserve it for their hard work-- we're blessed with the amount of free games as it is!!

your art is absolutely stunning!! that s definitely the best part.there were some flaws in the gameplay/transition, but HOLY JABEEZUS CHRIST, you made this in 36 hours????? without any hesitation at all that factor is easily forgiven. 

all in all a great game! (not like we were expecting anything less from you)

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on such a cute and amazing game, too,,, ive wondered why you decided to comment this for a long time

looking back at this and absolutely still one of my favorite games!!! thank you once more for developing it!

aaa, unfortunately actually the kickstarter for there is no game ended quite a while ago unsuccessfully

yea, but it's not going in a strict first game-second game-third game timeline. i mean, in the first place, theres not exactly any direct 'storyline', but this is just an add-on thats happening in the process of making it a full game. 

no disrespect though; i sound kinda rude but dont mean to lmao

what about the game isn't working? what is it saying? if ya want someone to help u buddy ur gonna have to be more specific about ur issues 

not a second game but more of a dlc. dude.

HP laptop, im pretty sure with the platform Opera

are you one of the people having trouble downloading it? ;w;

really cute and calm game!! it's a good break from all those horror rpg games made with rpg maker xD

super amazing graphics too, is this a one-person team?? thATS AMAZING AFHQ$IWAEVf ravnIRG

the program freezes whenever i try and click 'scene one' and i have to close out of it. dont know if its just me ;w;

super fun and cool game!! im not finished with it yet, but the little easter egg in the red carpet room where you get her to touch the ribbon a bunch of times and she says "stop torturing me, you sadist!" really made me laugh xD

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this might not be kath0kath's issue, but for me, i couldnt download it because MEGA requires a hard drive (or something) on the computer. a request for the admin to enter the password shows up and because i'm on a shared computer with multiple accounts, i dont know the admin password. u_u

(I did end up downloading it, though)

super interesting storyline!! i love the concept too, this is absolutely a great game!! (^o^)/