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aaa, unfortunately actually the kickstarter for there is no game ended quite a while ago unsuccessfully

yea, but it's not going in a strict first game-second game-third game timeline. i mean, in the first place, theres not exactly any direct 'storyline', but this is just an add-on thats happening in the process of making it a full game. 

no disrespect though; i sound kinda rude but dont mean to lmao

what about the game isn't working? what is it saying? if ya want someone to help u buddy ur gonna have to be more specific about ur issues 

not a second game but more of a dlc. dude.

HP laptop, im pretty sure with the platform Opera

are you one of the people having trouble downloading it? ;w;

really cute and calm game!! it's a good break from all those horror rpg games made with rpg maker xD

super amazing graphics too, is this a one-person team?? thATS AMAZING AFHQ$IWAEVf ravnIRG

the program freezes whenever i try and click 'scene one' and i have to close out of it. dont know if its just me ;w;

super fun and cool game!! im not finished with it yet, but the little easter egg in the red carpet room where you get her to touch the ribbon a bunch of times and she says "stop torturing me, you sadist!" really made me laugh xD

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this might not be kath0kath's issue, but for me, i couldnt download it because MEGA requires a hard drive (or something) on the computer. a request for the admin to enter the password shows up and because i'm on a shared computer with multiple accounts, i dont know the admin password. u_u

(I did end up downloading it, though)

super interesting storyline!! i love the concept too, this is absolutely a great game!! (^o^)/