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This game is awesome. I got really sucked into it, and I don't even like visual novels that much... It was funny, intriguing, and even a bit scary at one point. I actually got sad once it came to an end, as if I had really been on a two week trip to this crazy mansion. Now I'm gonna have to play again because I didn't even catch any of the romances!! Grrr.

This is a pretty challenging little survival arcade game. I wish the developer would let you save your high score, as an incentive to come back and do better!

Looks like a cool concept but it's not really a playable game in its current state.

an attEmpT wAs Made

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the game is now crashing for me on Windows 7!

Cute little experiment. I love the idea that you simply build a track and the rest of the map is generated around it. If the dev spent just one more day to fix the blinking trains and to add some more auto-generating features, it would make a great zen sandbox.