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I cannot express how astonishing the game was... The relationship between Sebastian and Gordon was beautiful. Each time you took out a flower, it just felt like some part of you was leaving. Each time you heard that sound, you would know that your choice was final and that there was no going back. With such little dialogue, gameplay and changes, you would get to know so much about these characters with the types of flowers you choose and the choices you make. I feel like I did the right choice for every person, taking the meaning of the flowers into consideration. In the end, I got to give Sebastian the final flower— the pink camellia. I feel like the visuals fit this type of game best. The music was very atmospheric and calming, and the sfx were matched perfectly when plucking the flowers. I loved the game to it's core and I'd also love to see more games like this. 

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A-are you sure this is a shitpost?

 I am amazed to which I thought what was going to be a shitpost, was a great fucking dating sim. I loved the references to persona with Specialist, ace attorney with the goddamn audio and the OBJECTION. The puns with their names, like Jiji (old man) or Mochi, hell even the protagonist's name means protagonist/main character. Eat pant shirt was... interesting to say the least... I love the bara looking artstyle and the simplicity just makes it stand out from the background, but somehow blends it in at the same time. I somehow enjoyed losing, but that's just me being weird. I love this game and definitely played it more times. 10/10, if this is shitposting then your serious work must be amazing. 

1st of all nice YoI reference, secoond, "nice shirt." "thanks, I grew it myself" honestly a huge fucking mood 10/10 realistic to the core

Played the demo and I must say, it was very nice. I recognized the BGM in a matter of seconds which I find quite amusing. That rendition of Specialist is a really good BGM  for this type of game. As since it's a demo I'll have to say, the artwork is very pretty and looks great with the backgrounds, character routes seem really interesting (especially their personality). The fact that you can choose the MC's sexuality is great for more options for the love interests. 

8.9/10, I'll be excited when the full game comes out

I am very excited for the full game, so till then I'll just support the game as much as I can. The artstyle's .... simplicity? compliments the scenery and the atmosphere with such warm and comfy looking colours. The character designs are very interesting. My only problem so far was the looping for the music, which can be very off putting for the ears. 

Story was great and the concept was interesting, especially with such a short game. Puzzles are great and quite simple. Audio is very well looped and the point and click idea is well executed. 9.5/10 I enjoyed my playthrough very much 

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How do I say this... quite immersive, sure, but not something that pulls you in easily. A bit fast paced for my liking, but overall, the art was great. Though, I guess you could improve the CGs with a bit more detail and kind of touch up a bit of inconsistencies in the body proportions. The music perfectly balanced and looped + accurate, gentle to the ears and yet, still upbeat. Story was historically accurate, especially with the slang. It's clear that you need to play it 2 times to get the full ending. 

6.8/10 pretty good, though could have some improvements 

Cute, adorable and nice and short. Quite nicely done for such a short game. The minigames/options were easy and not too over the top. 7.5/10

Quite well made for a short game. It's funny how much you can tell with little dialogue, atmosphere and sound. The colours compliment the artstyle and really look pleasing to the eyes. It was a good game, but not the best. 8/10 would happily play again if I wanted to.

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I finished the game and I have to be honest, it was a really pleasant and welcomed treat. I'd say it's quite realistic, especially with the type of options you get to choose to say. I like how you can be there for Cove to help him realize the world around him and kind of help him get out of his comfort zone to make him more social. It felt really... casual? Like it felt like you were actually there interacting with the characters and made you create this bond with them that you will never forget. Made me tear up a bit after it all ended, but overall the writing and pacing was well made. The visuals are stunning and the audio was greatly done. In short 10/10, am definitely excited for the epilogue.  It definitely gave me a euphoric memory I'll hopefully never forget. I also made this account just to say how beautiful this game was.