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There's a known bug with the preview windows that I'm planning on sorting out in the future! If the window would split up the water into multiple bodies, it can fail to load.

A workaround is to create invisible, non-gameplay but inPreview water bodies in the obstacles to get it to show up as intended, or to fiddle with the preview window settings until it looks alright.

This is so wonderful, well done!! You should post the map files for folks to download! I'd love to play it and give some feedback for tweaking, if you'd like, especially while stuck at home with all the quarantines~

Hey, that's basically the whole plan for the map right there! I love the idea and I'll put it on the list, but I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to get to it between some medical issues and some bug-squashing I've got to do. If you want to take a crack at making the map though, feel free to reach out anytime for advice -- you've got a great idea right there!

Hrm, it looks like an issue with fetching the max number of locomotives in the city, which makes me wonder if its a Toronto-specific issue, or general, and maybe related to being on such a late week of the game? I got set back a little bit with some medical issues but I'll be investigating this really soon. Thanks!

Atlanta looks like it would be fun! I wonder what to use for obstacles in the city, though... is there any rivers running through the city? I just love that the transit is called MARTA.

Yes please, or drop it in a pastebin and link that!

You can find the info on Unity log files under the Player section of this page:

I thought about that too, but I also had a clever idea on how to actually add branching lines in the game.

I think for now I'm going to leave Boston and revisit it when I have time to add some new features.

You should just copy all the extras/cities/ files to the /mod/cities/ folder, and the same for extras/themes/ to mod/themes/ and extras/trains/ to mod/trains!

I've got a similar suggestion from another person and considered it when developing the map, but I really didn't want the map to get bogged down in the details of which lines can run which cars. To me, the layout of the city and the limited line count is difficult enough to make the map a challenge.

If there's a lot of demand, though, I could add a second version of the map with line restrictions in the /extras/ folder once I've published the final maps.

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Which version of the mod was this on? Can you upload your Unity player log somewhere?

Had a chance to dig into it and I couldn't reproduce the issues on my own Humble Bundle version of the game. What I suspect has happened is I bundled an incorrect .dll in the distribution zip, where I had encountered the upgrade issues. The issue with the upgrade display might cause a kind of cascading bug, where the Toolbar fails, causing the Upgrade Menu to fail when it tries to update the Toolbar, causing UI and Audio issues when these systems try to access the Upgrades. I'll update the Mac DRM-free distro with the exact one I've been using and hope that this fixes the problems.

Thanks for the quick response. I see some audio issues in the logs which is new, but nothing for the toolbar or upgrade screen issues. I'll do what I can to reproduce this tonight but it's likely that I won't be able to debug and fix this until tomorrow at least depending on how complex the issue is. Thanks for bringing it up, and hold tight while I sort it out. 

With some luck it might just be an issue with the specific file I added in the distribution. If you have access to a PC or Steam version, could you try and make this happen on the other builds?

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This is really strange, because this would have been caught in my 1.02 spot testing. I encountered this issue early on and thought I had it fixed.

Can you send me what platform you're playing on and where you downloaded the game from, as well as your Unity logs?

Also, can you confirm which release of that game you're installing onto, when just playing vanilla? The release number is in the credits screen.

You want to avoid using bezier curves when making the map. Vector files won't represent those in exact locations, so you'll need to only use straight lines and points with the pen tool. There are a few online tools that will fetch the absolute points from a complex path, which I ought to add to the guide.

I would love that! Feel free to get in touch by DM and we can look at what you have, and polish it up!

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I experienced something similar just with downloading and running the vanilla release 41, but only on Windows. I'll take a look into this and include some info on backing up saves in the download instructions and readme, for v1.02.

Oh, and if you find any bugs in the early-access releases, shoot me a message as well and I'll get it fixed in a jiffy! Thanks!!!

Just got a chance to dig into the map now. What I notice right away is that in addition to there being too many points in the map for it to load efficiently, you're using curved lines which just won't convert correctly. You need to make sure to use straight lines only when creating the obstacles and areas -- otherwise you won't get the absolute values in the points of the SVG.

Aha, if there were letters in there you had to remove, it's definitely a relative vs. absolute issue! If you upload your SVG file I can see what can be done about converting the water to absolute. There's a handful of tools online that might help, but I'm not sure which is best. When I find out, I'll go update the guide!

Oh and lastly! I noticed that a lot of your obstacle points seem to be really small, so it seems like you've got them in relative values? You have to make sure to convert to absolute values when you go from SVG to JSON!

OK poked into it! I found a few little issues:

  1. On line 340 there's an "o" at the end of the line preventing the JSON from being read properly. This is why the map isn't appearing in the list!
  2. Then I found there were some issues with the obstacle loading.
    1. First of all, there are some points that only have one value! So the game tries to load a Y value for the point and fails. I searched for them in sublime text using this regex pattern and fixed them: \[\-?[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?\]
    2. Second, with the number of points you're loading it's gonna be real slow. You should try and par down the number of points in each obstacle, mine are around 300 points at most
  3. Lastly I found an issue with the line number! You upped the number of lines but need to add more line definitions in the "lines" array at the bottom of the city.

Hope this helps!!

I'll give this a look on my laptop later today when I get a chance! I'm noticing the obstacles look pretty complicated, so it might be an issue cropping up with the water algorithm.

Hey there! Just uploaded a v1.01.02 zip, that includes a Mac app store build for release 38 with all the new stability updates. Let me know if you can install it OK!

Sorry about it :( I'm a bit under the weather this weekend but if there's no apple store update by Monday, I'll see what I can do about doing an exclusive mac store v38 1.01 build

What's happening is that you have the v38 assets but the v39-based DLL file (which the 1.01 mod is based on) is trying to read them as if they were serialized in v39. Basically, I can't really guarantee that anything in the game will work if there's a version mismatch. Bummer about the App Store though, from experience that's probably an issue with Apple being slow rather than the devs themselves — patching through the App Store involves a lot of hoop-jumping.

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Oh there's no need to redo it yourself, I have to redo and transfer the image into InDesign format so that I can render it for the pdf, so I'll just redo the colours from there. Thanks so much though!

EDIT: Just saw you already did it! Thanks!

Oh I like this a lot! I'm gonna recreate it with a few tweaks — I was trying to stick to an overall night-mode theme for mod content just to differentiate. Thanks for the design, I hope the guide's also been a help!

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In here, I'll be keeping track of known bugs with the mod that folks have brought up, and my plans for addressing them. If you find something not on this list, please make a new comment or send me a message, and I'll get around to investigating them!

Code Issues

Menu Ambiance doesn't behave properly until you reach London: Cannot reproduce.

Creative Maps cause crashes with too many stations: Cannot reproduce. Needs more investigation and will possibly fix in v1.02 release.

Screenshots failing to save: Needs investigation.

Map Issues

None outstanding!

Ah, glad to know it worked! I just reproduced it on my copy of the Mac App Store build, I see there's some trouble with a second version of the app existing inside the main wrapper. Gonna update the install instructions with all this. Thanks for bringing it up, and case closed!

I have a ton of language customization planned for the 1.0 release, but this one slipped my mind. It's on the list now, thanks for the catch!

Hmm, even if the package is incompatible with a build, running the app should create a new Player.log no matter as long as you haven't touch the Unity engine code. You did rename the mod assembly to "Assembly-CSharp.dll", right?

I'll try and reproduce this issue on my end either tonight or tomorrow night, and prepare a new build. Thanks for the quick feedback!

The DRM-free build is off the Humble store release of the game, it’s likely that the app store release uses a slightly different assembly.

Can you post your Player.log file?

If there's a map you wanna see someone create, or if you've got a cool map worth adding to the base mod, leave a comment here!