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Loved it!!! <3

Gotcha! thank you for the feedback! :)

Tysm! Also, that's some great advice!! :)


Thanks! And thank you for the feedback! :)

Thanks! :)

thanks!! That’s some great feedback, thank you!

This game is freakin incredible!!!

Thanks so much!!! :D

Tysm!! Yeah I tried to make it a lil bit difficult without being too frustrating :)

Tysm!! <333

Tysm!! This is some great feedback!! :)

Thanks!! <3

Tysm!! I'm so glad you enjoyed!! :)

works well on my iPhone SE :)

thanks!! Yeah I def feel like the black jack mechanic has a lot of potential, although I don’t feel like I had enough time to implement  it as well as I would like. I may try making a full version to further explore the mechanic!!

tysm!! <3

thanks a bunch!!! Those are all really great ideas!!! :D

so just to be sure, we have 6 hours this week instead of 3?

Thanks!! Yeah that's a great idea!! It certainly is frustrating, especially when your tryna get used to the controls lol.

Thanks!! Yeah that's def a great idea! It certainly has a steep learning curve XD

Thanks!! Yeah Unfortunately I didn't get to add nearly as much polish as I wanted because half of the dev time was spent testing it due to the difficulty XD

yeahhhh it was designed to be really hard but I understand the frustration lol

Tysm!! Yeah that's a great idea!

can’t tell if ur joking or not XD

thanks a bunch!! Yeah I agree the controls need some work XD

Thanks!! :D

tysm!! <3

thx a bunch!! <3

thank you so much!!! <3

thanks!! Yeah I agree. I ran out of time, but the art style is def the part that I would have improved if I had more time

I appreciate that 😅

So freakin cool bro omg

So freakin good!!!

So Good!!! The Banjo vibes are perfect!!

So good!!!

That was so cool!!

Absolutely amazing!!! :)

So cute and charming!!! <3