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That was so cool!!

Absolutely amazing!!! :)

So cute and charming!!! <3

So cute!!! <3

Ok so I'm about an hour and a half in and... holy crap bro... I sobbed. This game is incredible...

Bro... I just got tears in my eyes from watching the trailer... this game looks amazing... Just bought it and can't wait to play it :)


Thanks a bunch! Yeah for sure! its :)

This game is such a vibe. Loved it :)

Super cool! Love the vaporwave aesthetic!!!

Adorable!!! <3

Loved it. Super relaxing :)


So good!!! The aesthetic is just so freakin amazing and the soundtrack is such a banger!!! :D

Cute! <3


Awesome game bro!!!

ahhh I love this game it's so cute!!! <3

So cool!!! In love with the vibes!!! :) 

Great game so far!! I've really been enjoying the devlogs and its so great to finally get to play the game! Can't wait to see where this game goes! Keep up the great work!!!

Really cool game! such a unique concept! :)

This game is awesome!!!! And the soundtrack is so good!!!

This is so awesome! Kiki's Delivery Service is literally my favorite movie ever so this game made me so happy!!!

really cool and cute game! I love the art style and story!

This game is so sick! I love the Aesthetics! :)

Really cool little game! just beat it!

This game is absolutely gorgeous. <3

cool game! :D

This is a really fun game! cant wait till the full game is released! :)

Wow! amazing comic! I loved the art style and fell in love with the characters right away. It really put me in a fall mood to. Great work!!!

Great game! just got finished and it was awesome!!! keep up the good work man! :D