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They are in several folders

We can hardly prevent you from using the illustrations for personal usage and we can even harder find it somehow out:)

If it is for your home usage, I am sure it is ok:) The assets are part of the game. Thank you for the purchase if you decide to buy it.

Hello Matbrooks84.
I am not entirely sure if I understand what you are asking for. All the illustrations are copyrighted (if that is what you are asking).

If you are asking whether the game will be available any time soon for other platform than Steam, I have to disappoint you - we want to focus on the game improvements and additional features instead of porting it to another platform(s). 
Have a nice weekend, too!

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Hello Athanasius, how are you?

The only available way how to install the game is via Steam (due to multiplayer functionality using Steam API). There is no additional DRM protection applied, yet you always need Steam client for running the game - like I said it uses Steam API calls.

Regarding the title name - you are right, plural of Imperium in latin is Imperia. Yet, the title is not in latin, it is fully in English.

Few sources:

We decided for this title for number of reasons and one of them was that the word Imperiums is grammarly correct, yet not used much (and therefore the title will be easy to recognize and google;)