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hello how do I run the game, it does not open XDI tried to get the game in the folder and open it for the promo minetest, but it doesn't work, I think I need to use the client

I agree with you :) ... the proposal is very good

I didn't know that this game, had a moba proposal, interesting, I don't know what happened with the project, but the idea if using this base and create a moba with dolls, it would be cool, a simple and light moba XD

cooL :D

Nice :D 

not appearing to download your game, the video seems to be fun and has potential, if it is mutiplayer it can work ... Well, I use linux and I will wait for the release to play :)

very good this game, great work, thank you for the version for LInux, I'm already indicating to friends. : D

Very Cool man :D

How cool, I'm already following you, and I'll put the game on the list, thank you! :D

no Linux :'( !!!

Very cool this new car, I liked it more :D

really in every game has this approach, and this idea of reward is very cool :)

Ever thought of putting coins for example, players join to buy cars in the game? or skins? I saw that it has 80 models .. some goals would be interesting, more not now, maybe more ahead .. :D

It will work ..
I will certainly test all the new maps: D

I'm curious now haha  :D

I was playing this moment, I liked it :D

cool, I'm downloading right now :)

My favorite RPG game, a work of art, thank you for the Linux version ;)

wow, very good, I will be watching for next update :)

Obrigado pela sua atenção, acompanho o seu trabalho, e para o desenvolvimento do jogo, continuar neste ritmo, contar comigo, obrigado!

This game is very cool, I'm following the development, the Linux version runs very well, congratulations for the work, getting very good .. I hope to play online soon  :D

Your game is very good, and I'm following the development. Very cool, and thanks for the Linux version :)

Very good, always do a good job, this game is great, 
thanks for the Linux version :)

wow this is very cool, I will keep an eye on your work, if you need someone to test, I will be at your disposal ;)

Okay, your game is cool, if in the future, you want to try something for Linux, send me, me and friends will test ,thank you ;)

Some developers do not use Linux and make the Linux version, it was just a question.

Um pouco de Red Eclipse :) 

Vai ter, versão para linux?

otimo jogo, infelizmente não tinha jogadores online, bom trabalho, rodei ele pelo playonlinux. 

O jogo é bom, so n encontrei jogadores, rodei pelo Gamehub no Linux 

otimo jogo para pc fracos  :) ,   obrigado pela versão para linux!