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Karl Thompson

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The graphics are top-notch. The gameplay got old relatively quickly, and the objective of finding the notes didn't really have too much intrigue to it.

The visuals were pretty cool, especially the portals. The story and illustrations were cute.

Lots of really cool ideas and the camera work is fantastic. The only downside is that some of the textures seem pretty generic.

The visuals are nice, and the secret ending is pretty nifty. The controls felt a bit loose, and wall-jumping, which seems intentional, feels more difficult than it should be.

The visuals are appropriate and charming, and the ability to fly in three dimensions is pretty cool. The only downside is that the game is only fun for a few matches before the experience begins to feel same-y.

A solid concept, and the art is great. Some of the levels were frustrating because of how precise some of the shots needed to be.