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Created a new topic Bugs

Currently known bugs that are being resolved:

  • New enemies and possibly enemy upgrades are unlocked too early.
  • Various audio bugs.
    • Some audio samples which shouldn't be looping are looping.
    • Some audio samples are getting cut off (that wasn't happening before).
    • The volume may be too loud and doesn't have a way of being turned down.
  • Performance slowdown due to an animation bug.

If you have found any more, please post below with as much detail as possible.

I have just posted a dev log with more details about the big upcoming update. You'll also notice that I've already updated all the branding to the new name: Super Serious Stretcher Racing.

To stay up to date you can still follow my Twitter account, but I'll soon also start updating the game's Twitter and the website.

Hey, awesome video!

It's so great to see that you made a video about Emergency Room. I hope that if you enjoyed it, you'll check it out again when we release our massively fixed version!

Doctor Edwards to the Shitty Games Ward, please!

After seeing that this game got way more attention than I ever expected, I'm happy to announce that I'll be updating Emergency Room with a whole list of fixes, lots of polish, and new features. Get ready for Emergency Room 2.0: Unshittified Edition!

There will be more updates soon, as I make more progress. If you want to stay up to date, go ahead and follow me on Twitter.