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Hello Dejiny!

First of all, thank You for the post, opinion and advice. Hard to say, but the project of the strategy hex game in reality of XVII century central europe overwhelmed me, and so I`m sad to admit that for now it is abandoned for a while. But your review for me is a quite a impulse, maybe I`ll come back and start to add new scenarios and battles. 

If I will come back to this messy code (I`m really a bad coder) first things I`ll do will be add Your ideas (opponent info, better placement, art range and add sound and music).

In a Sienkiewicz novel Skrzetuski was named a colonel, but I think after I think it`s mostly fictional character. The english translation of the chorągięw  I really didn`t know how to manage, maybe You are right, I`ll try to change it.

I have a question for You and maybe other Indie fans. Would be better to add some Card-Game system to manage army? I was thinking for a long time over a mixing cardgame and classic hex battle.

Thanks a lot for your support, I`ll try to play your games if I manage some free time. For know I`m really busy with my primary job and familiy so I have only few minutes daily to continue developing and browsing games. 


Hello Szymon. Great Idea!. I`m working on a turn hex-based game in similiar Sienkiewicz`s historical reality. Great artwork, good UI. I wish You luck in the indie adventure!

Great UI, intuitive and good mecanics. I`m not sure about what is the goal of game, but still it`s enjoyable. 5 stars!

Nice game! I was thinking about making a tower defence game once. How long have you been doing it

Nice, 5 stars!. A little bit to complex at begginig, a good tutorial would be helpful 

(I know that tutorials are quite a bit of programming... ;) 

Great idea to make a good strategy game with minimal resources! 5 stars

Good UI and nice made Tilemaps. On my screen the info text is quite blurry, dificult to read. 5 stars!

Great game, a fusion of great ideas with superb design!

Very funny theme, nice design! 5 stars!

Hello. The game has a great potential. I loved the detailed info about cards HP and effects. Has to be a lot of logic here. I wonder if you have some scripts to see (Git or something)

5 stars!

Whats a great idea!!! Im impressed!

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Hello! The game is fantastic. I love the graphics with geniue historical details. Congrats! Gratulacje! P.S. Which engine have You used to make it? 

Hey Jefry! Many thanks for your realtions! Exactly this is what I need to make a progress!

Yes the card balance is a key to make it playable, especialy in this simple setting one card vs one card. I`m thinking about add a "1 turn rest status" for a card which was played and has survived the battle. When more cards will be added, I will add in a new update dificulty levels for AI to make it also fun for a younger gamers.

I`m sory fo SFX. It`s my weakness that I really dont have an artistic soul. If I would manage someone to help me with the sound stuff maybe this will change.

Thanks for the typos

I`ll test the shop, It was the latest hours after the kids gone sleep and I didnt check it precisly.

So, thanks for playing and posting, I hope the next updates will make it more interesting for You! 

Great! Mobile verision will be good idea!

I'm on it. This weekend should be done with some upgrades.

Wow what a fresh idea! It`s great

Great news! My kids love this editor, and are creating levels for our game! Thanks!!!

Great job. Godot engine

Great idea! Very cool game! How long have you been using Unity?