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Wasnt ready for this

Im starting to think ET dosent really wanna be friends lol

My cousins played your game and got some good reaction out of them lol. Thanks

That aussie acccent made this game 100x better

This fastfood place sells some disgusting foof bro, Yall really eat donutburgers in America?

The soundtrack in this game is killer btw

Dude this game was too much for me, i literally got sick after playing it lol.

The backrooms part really freaked me out the most and the moving SFX the Mannequins make feels so real especially when your being chased by one of them. Awsome game and hope you make more.

Dude there's nothing that scares me more than analog horror, great game.

Thank god I had a good experience in retail when I was young because this was a nightmare.

Ya, I kinda pussied out of playing this game, had a bad experience once with an OUIJA and didn't wanna go through it again lol. Awesome game tho

Very chill horror game, nice to see Ronald back working again.

I wish I could play this game in VR tho.

We avoided texas boys!

I need to book another appintment with this spider, he's really listening to me.

Its been a long time since i seen this cat lol

Dude this game captured the creepy ocean of my nightmares, way scarer than Iron Long

This game is crazy! I wasn't ready for Maria to be running straight at me, didn't even notice her lol. 

This is the Future!!

Coming back to this game after a year was great. The updates are fantastic btw, I definitely love how the bedtime stories relate to the episodes.  I got the bad ending tho. 

As a child puppets scared the shit outa me, especially Bird from sesame street. Never liked watching that show.... Btw props to the voice actors in this game, I don't think this game would make it without there weird conversations they have with themselves, I mean I couldn't stay in a room filled with them for 5min. I would've lost the plot if I did tbh. 

I actually thought yandere mode was gonna be much easier lol. Gonna try the hardest one next time.

The animation of her walking made it seem like she was floating lol and I see showing them panties yo

not gonna lie was never scared of Chucky when I was a kid

this game is so scary, i feel like im a kid watching Signs again.

Me and my cousin had so much fun playing this game. Def should play with your friends, i hope theres like a 1v1 mode that would be awsome. 

I just wanna say, how is this guy able to eat that much lasagna and little small texts on the phone really as to the tension tho. Cant wait for the next epasode.  
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Why do parents leave their kids home alone, I don't understand. I left mom at the end tho, freak her when she leaving me home alone. IM STILL YOUNG B*CH!!

This games dead silence makes it so much scarier, I just wanted it to end.

Yo thought this game wasn't scary, but from the thumbnail looks like I was wrong.

I don't know why but I feel like this is an SCP horror game, with all the [CLASSIFIED] stuff that is being worked on. 

Cryziel Omg this game is the scariest shit I ever played, I don't know if that means anything coming from a non-horror game player. But holy shit I was scared, so much that I wanted the game to end. Not sure if there's a team behind this or one person, but hats of to you. Definitely coming back for the full game. 

If there's gonna be any updates in the future I would try to make SpringTrap hear your running, cuz once I figured out his pattern I was just running from the switch to switch. btw I picked audio 2 so I'm not sure if it's because of that. overall it's a great game.

growing up in a third-world country where teachers discipline their students I definitely can relate to this, I was getting flashbacks ngl.  Awsome game tho bro.

This game makes feel agoraphobic ngl, 

This game is just awesome. I like the progression of the game, buying new stuff from the vendor really keeps you playing, but I think it needs a saving mechanic because it crashes a lot and most of the work I do just doesn't save when I log back in. 

This game was awsome very different from the usual games I play. Voice acting was on point and the art was a 10. I made some offensive jokes but still enjoyed my time playing it.

is there love in the ocean? thats the question.

this game was awesome, actually made me play among us after. But the sound pretty crazy, at first I thought the imposter was venting that's why the sound was going crazy. I hope we can play with friends on this game soon, definitely worth the money.

I thought GR hacked into my computer at the end lol. Short and sweet game.