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Very good short game. I was always expecting a jumpscare or something more to happen, which made it even more eerie and creepy. I wish it was longer and had a bit more, but seriously this was great. I especially like the fish painting

For being made in 48 hours this is great. It really gave off that old school newgrounds vibe, which I really liked. The controls were a LITTLE wonky and I couldn't seem to get very far, but I still had a lot of fun with it! 

This is one of those games I just couldn't pass up and I just HAD to make a video on it. I hope you make more games like this. I loved it.

The feel of this game was incredible. I genuinely enjoyed every second of it and went back in to get both endings. I also love how every time I loaded it up, it seemed to be a different experience. Great work Kira! 

This was genuinely just really fun and interesting all the way through. I literally could not guess what was going on even if I tried. Here is my video from it if interested. 

This is my first game from and definitely will not be my last! This is great and really gives a sense of uneasiness. Please keep it up