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This was an INCREDIBLE experience. The scares were very well done, the sounds were amazing, it had a good twist to the story, and nothing was overdone. I seriously loved this, thank you for making it! 

I'm not sure if everything worked exactly as intended...but overall this is a great concept and it did get me good twice. The Japanese doll idea is very interesting to me, and this is a very good start for what could be a great game, can't wait to see where it goes. 

This was truly incredible. It was not what I expected at all. I don't know how you were able to create such a good, in depth backstory in such a short time and make me get attached to the characters, but it worked amazingly and I loved it. I can't wait to see what else you can make.

This game definitely gives a creepy vibe, although I do kind of wish there was more to it, although for a first game this is very promising for what you might release in the future.

A really cool concept, I like the idea of normal things turning into portals to other places. There was a bit too much crawling for me but still overall a good creepy experience.

This game creeped me out way more than it should have. Incredible job building the atmosphere and a feel of uneasiness. It legitimately gave me chills and made me want to run away. 

I don't know how I missed this game for 3 years, but this is a great demo. This video is more focused on comedy than horror but I still thoroughly enjoyed the game. Excited to see the final product. Also only issue I had was if I pressed escape to pause, I didn't have a mouse and had to completely restart the game.

This is an awesome game so far. The contrast from the beginning to the end and the unexpected nature of it make it a great horror game. Excited to see the final result! 

I absolutely love the comic style cutscenes. The atmosphere you were able to create is also very impressive considering the graphics style. My only complaint is that the monster didn't really present any real threat. It was still creepy every time I saw it, but after the first few times it was just kinda eh, point light and carry on. I also mistakenly called it a demo at the beginning of my video, I guess that's just a habit from other games. 

This game scared me really good two or three times. The sound was great in the hallways and the atmosphere was really good. I enjoy these shorter games and this one was made really well! I really enjoyed it! 

I put this as the third game in my video. I absolutely love the environment the game creates and the atmosphere it puts you in. The sound is great, and the looks are even better. At the end I got kinda stuck and called it there, but I'm sure it was just me missing something obvious. But I will probably play this again either as a standalone video on my channel or on my halloween livestream. I seriously can't wait to see the progress on this game. Amazing work. 

This was the second game in my video. I really like the look of the game and the behavior of the AI. I didn't finish it but I will probably play this again on my halloween livestream, good stuff! 

This was the first game I played in my video. I know this is an older game but I think it really held up. I wish it was longer or even a full game, I seriously loved the atmosphere and the look of the game 

This was definitely an experience. It was kinda weird and pretty buggy, but I enjoyed it and had fun so I guess that's all that matters!

This game triggered something in me and it was beyond creepy. I had to quit playing at a certain point. The atmosphere and execution is great. Despite not being able to finish the game, it was still a great experience and I hope you do more in the future! 

This was a really well made demo. I had no idea what was going on, but its a good thing my character did. It created a really good atmosphere, which is what really makes a horror game good for me. I wish you the best of luck with this project and can't wait to see what you do with it. Here is a link to my video if interested:

Just finished playing this game. It is a good game, but in all honesty it felt kind of like a slender man clone. I did enjoy it, but wanted more, I was honestly expecting more once you wake up in the bed, like it would be a 2nd level or something. I did enjoy myself and this is good work though, keep it up! And here is a link to my video if interested

This is extremely well made. The atmosphere, the sounds, the subtle environment. I really hope the full game for this gets released because I can't wait to see a full game of this, extremely well made.

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This is a VERY good demo and I cannot wait to see the full game. Story, graphics, atmosphere, I like it all. I will definitely be watching for updates on this one. 

This is definitely one of the better Siren Head games I've played, especially visually. The model for Siren Head is Phenomenal in my opinion. Although there were some things I complained about (I talk about them at the end of the video), this is overall a great game, and a lot can come from this. Was a fun play. 

This built a very good atmosphere and gave me goosebumps multiple times. Good use of sound. And lighting. I hope to see more, maybe something a bit longer next time! 

Faces? Plural? In multiple paintings? Maybe I missed more than I though o-o

This was genuinely fun. I was left wanting more, and even started to play it again hoping it was different the second time through. I never felt scared but it was enough to keep me on my toes and never know whats coming next. Amazing work and I hope to see more in the future! 

This was honestly one of the better games I've ever seen on ItchIo. The concept is very cool, the atmosphere is great, the creatures are incredible, and I really hope this becomes a full game. I did encounter a couple of bugs which I reported, but overall this seems EXTREMELY promising. 

Very good short game. I was always expecting a jumpscare or something more to happen, which made it even more eerie and creepy. I wish it was longer and had a bit more, but seriously this was great. I especially like the fish painting

For being made in 48 hours this is great. It really gave off that old school newgrounds vibe, which I really liked. The controls were a LITTLE wonky and I couldn't seem to get very far, but I still had a lot of fun with it! 

This is one of those games I just couldn't pass up and I just HAD to make a video on it. I hope you make more games like this. I loved it.

The feel of this game was incredible. I genuinely enjoyed every second of it and went back in to get both endings. I also love how every time I loaded it up, it seemed to be a different experience. Great work Kira! 

This was genuinely just really fun and interesting all the way through. I literally could not guess what was going on even if I tried. Here is my video from it if interested. 

This is my first game from and definitely will not be my last! This is great and really gives a sense of uneasiness. Please keep it up