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Congrats on your game launching! I haven't been able to play too much yet, but soon...soon. I'm just happy he can heal outside of combat! 

Yeah! Super excited for it! Thank you! I just sent the email to you! 

Thanks Victoria!

Aw thank you! This is awesome! 

I'll send you an email under my Youtube name Schrient! I'm super excited to play it!

Thanks again!


Hey Male Doll.

I played for about 2-3 hours like 2 days ago. I liked it so far. The battle system was fun to use, and I liked how you played a Healer. One thing I had trouble with was not being able to use the Healing skill outside of combat.  I think that should be updated if possible. If I was getting low on HP in battle I started to make sure I topped off on healing (cause I got wiped out by 4 chickens my second battle). 

I liked the lore of the game, and the explanation in the Guild of different Tiers of Healer was explained. I also thought the inclusion of level restrictions to equip different armor and weapons was nice. It gave me something to strive for.. though I think I overleveled for the areas I played in.  Yuki himself was a bit crash and cold, but I hope he will soften up a bit personality wise. I was going to play a bit more but after the new update it's only showing up in BR instead of EN. My save looks to be gone as well. So sad. I didn't get to anything... NSFW so no comment there. I'm more into RPG's for battle and fun stories anyways.  I liked your game so far. 

Good luck with it Male Doll! It was fun to play!

Thanks for watching it! Here's part 2 by the way. I loved your demo! 

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it! Your game was fun to play! Did you do the art yourself or hire someone? I wish I could draw like that.   Good luck with both your projects Victoria!

Yeah, Destiny's Child for the win! 

Hello! I played your demo and I liked it alot! It was fun to play. I love Nebraska's blue hair and Kitty's locks too! Hope it's ok I did a little Let's Play!  

Good luck with your game! Will it have different routes dependent on who you speak to later on?

Oh thank you! I'm really happy you liked it! Thanks for the promotion as well! This is an amazing game so far!  

Hi! I tried out your demo! I really liked it. I did a small Let's Play. Hope that's ok. Good luck on your Kickstarter! 

Hello!  I just tried out your game! It's really amazing looking. I love this art sytle! I've only played about 30 mins so far, but I'm already hooked! I'll def be playing it some more. Thanks for making it free! 

Oh wow! Your game is so awesome! The art is beautiful! Eddie is fun to play as. I only did one round of friending so far, but I loved it. Especially Ms. "It's Classified" for every question. She was rocking that outfit!

How long do you think the main game will be?

Will it be free, or is there money involved?

Loved your game! Stars and moons in the hair is cute too!

That's awesome CyberBat! 

Ok, it should be working now. I didn't know it had to be a zip file.

I checked for updates to refresh the file and it worked!

Ok. It is working for me now that I did the zip file. You might have to check for updates for a quick refresh.


Thanks Moxie!

I'm having trouble though. It give me an error when I try to open it up.

Hmm, I'll have to work on it before the deadline!

Hello all!

I'm happy I got Venus & Augustus submitted in time!

I never made a game before, so it was kind of nerve-wracking.

Please excuse the art! When I started this mid-July my art was literally stick figures. So at least it's progressed a bit!


Good luck to everyone!



Hello everyone!

This is my very first game/demo! I hope you enjoy.

It's for the TyranoBuilder Summer Game jam 2018!

The theme was "When in Rome"

I'm not an artist but I tried my best.

Hi again! I got parts 2 and 3 up on my channel. 

 Do I have to just keep playing to unlock boss man too?

Very fun game so far.

I love how the rival ran away with his tail between his legs at my duel idea. strange little demo, but interesting. 

Thanks. I uploaded the first ep under my YT account Schrient. It's pretty fun so far!

Hey, I played through Meyer's route. It's really amazing so far. I love his characterization! The writing and art is really good. I'll have to try out Leslie's soon. Can I put a Let's Play up of it? I'd like to.

Thanks for releasing the game! Happy it's free too. August is fun.

Very nice! Thanks for replying!

Hi there! This VN sounds like it might be fun! I hope you can release it! Will there be a demo or is the whole game going to be free on release?

Good luck!