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Hi Jean ,

yeah, version 1 is a mess,bad time management. 

 it's my first game jam :D

Just post the fix (but still haven't add SFX)

Thx a lot for playing, 

your game made dizzy LOL

love the look of the first scene  and the paperlike character

it got potential. love to see it as a 3rd person adventure game

it would be nice if the character animation is faster,now it feels so heavy and slow

and lower the robot energy. so it's easier to defeat.

make it like devil may cry. character movement is fast and so many  enemies.

you gather potato and steal oil and go to the fryer to make fries then sell to your buyer to make more money to upgrade the fryer and buy decoration for your office and then you can expand to more branch and there will be map.there will be gun. 

first submission still buggy as hell, working on the update right now. 

thx for playing :D