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Thanks for the feedback!

The timer is remainder of a planned feature that we had to drop due to the jam's time limit: A larger, more fragmented world where you have to unlock new "Sauna Respawn Points" in order to be able to reach further. Similar to the respawn location mechanic in Minit. It quickly became obvious that the timer doesn't add anything in the current state, but we left it in for the jam version so that multiple people could play the game together on one PC and switch controls after each run.

I just uploaded an updated version that includes settings for disabling the timer and head bobbing and also introduces some hints in the form of diary reminders, spotlights and tooltips for clues.

The subtitles are the text on the screen. It may be a bit hard to read if you're not in fullscreen though. :)

Funny and attractive, 5/5!

The videos are always the same, we already had enough to record. :)

We planned to have global statistics on how good or evil you punished your victims so that you are compared to other players. We implemented all that, but didn't have enough time to build the user interface for that :(

Those are the stats:

Thanks for the constructive critisism, always good to hear some :)

Actually, it's the second one. The light's intensity symbolizes its health. 100% health = 100% intensity, and 0 = 0, with a non-linear curve in between. The game ends when it gets completely dark (except for the torch and the fire sprite you mentioned). We consciously decided against having a dedicated health bar or counter in order to keep it more vague. But maybe we overdid that a bit.

Concerning feedback for burning tentacles: I 100% agree. We wanted to include a kind of burning shader, but time ran out. :)

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I noticed, that at the moment of this post, 3 of 5 submissions are in fact games more than one month old that just get submitted to every open jam to get some publicity... How is this handled? Will everyone notice and just vote them down? Or are they removed from the jam? Just curious.

yes indeed

Sorry, didn't see your comment until now! :)

I think you didn't get hit, but rather got the notes right (per chance?) just before you got hit. The whistling detection acts quite randomly, depending on your mic and surroundings... We tested it on 5 devices in different rooms and unfortunately never got it to work reliably in all those situations. As we barely got all the systems to work in time, the game definitely lacks in optimization, feedback and polish. ;)

Same for me! :)
Have fun!

The game looks really polished!

What I'd really like is some kind of hint system (because I suck at such games), in which you pay for a hint by using up seconds. :)

Also, a system that selects 6 out of N possible differences would be nice instead of always the same differences. I just restarted the game until I found the next difference.

True that!

We initially planned to use the parchment paper to the left of the board as a kind of character sheet for progression. Including level-ups (just for progression, no stat changes), a simply illustration of the character (what weapons you carry and what afflictions you may suffer from) and a recap of visited cards and killed monsters. 

But we didn't have the time to build all that, so we focused on bringing all the stuff our team members build into the game (audio & music, narration, art, ...). :)

That etntirely depends on the RNG. For the jam, we just used a weighted random sample of cards (like 50% enemy, 20% events, 20% upgrades, 10% traps). But 825 is quite impressive, most players got around 600! 

Thanks for the Web Build!

It really reminds me of "The Simpsons Hit & Run"! :D

Love it! The simplistic game mechanic works so well and is really entertaining!

Your voice acting really nailed it! :)

Same problem for me, sadly :(

Ah, I like the classic style. Reminds me of Golden Sun and Chrono Trigger. :)

I really like the idea! Did you make the assets yourself? Didn't hear that in the stream.

It's always nice to see your art! :)

Thanks for the nice feedback! :)

"You did not expect that"

Strange, we did not encounter this bug before... But the arrow is to the bottom right, below the flowers ;)

Youtube Video to the game